Count Two in the Indictment of Prince

It is a given that Charles Virginia Prince was a misogynist.

The definition of misogyny is woman hating

On Page 62 of Docter’s haigography of Prince he lays out how Prince was the origin of the idea of divorcing man from male and woman from female.  In the transgender cosmology woman becomes a gender role and not an automatic attribute to being an adult female. This is from discussions with Dr. Robert Stoller circa 1962.

“One persistent theme pursued by Prince was her insistence on clarification of the differences between the words, sex and gender.  She insisted that the term sex should be biologically defined, while the term gender, should refer to attributes of masculinity and femininity  (to this point there is no conflict with standard thinking)  Hence, for sex one would speak of male and female, while man and woman would apply to gender.  Stoller credits Prince with this line of thinking.”

And if you buy that one I have some derivatives I am offering with a 15% return on your investment,just tell all your friends.

First of all gender is a socially constructed role that varies from time and place. Second man is an adult male, a woman is an adult female.  Gender is about masculinity and femininity and how well or poorly one enacts the socially constructed role.

Therefore one may be a masculine woman or a feminine man and still be a woman or a man since man and woman are linked to sex and not to a performed role i.e. the social construct of gender.

Hence some one with transsexualism changes sex * and in their reassigned sex may or may not adhere to a socially prescribed gender role or may well ascribe to new reworkings of those gender role stereotypes by becoming a lesbian feminist.

The misogyny comes into play with the idea that adherence to the gender role construct is what makes one a man or a woman rather than those being givens in accord with ones genitals.

This is a profoundly right wing conservative position that requires women adhere to male originated stereotypes or risk being considered “gender variant” or non-women.

* The motivation for seeking out sex reassignment surgery is coming to be viewed as an innate condition involving how hormones are processed within and individual as well as brain structures.

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Things Not to Say to a Former Transkid #2

Gee…  You are really pretty.  It must be because you came out young.

For one thing that is sort of reversing cause and effect.  But not every one who comes out young is pretty.

But lets go back to those of us who were in 1960s trannie argot “natural beauty wonders”.

When people talk about the restroom issues they always assume those issues are about the “man in a dress” using the women’s room.

But for a lot of transkids the issue was not being able to use the men’s room without fear of being attacked, beaten up or arrested on the assumption we were in there trolling for sex.  Using the men’s room invariably meant getting hit on.

For some of us our appearence marked us as teen queens even as pre-teens and subjected us to “gay bashings” from an early age.

We were often driven from school by bullying and never performed up to our potential.  We were often throwaway kids.

Being pretty and looking like girls without trying was often more a reason for coming out young than a result of coming out young.

I used to say,  “I’m not gender confused, I cause gender confusion.”

People didn’t know how to react.

It was easier for me to be a girl than for me to be a boy.