Things Transvestites and Transgenders Shouldn’t Say To Post-SRS Women

“Having a surgically constructed artificial vagina that is really an inverted penis doesn’t make you any more of a woman than I am.”

My thoughts when a man in a dress says that could run towards extreme violence. But that would be wrong.

After all I’m the girl and all I have to do to validate my femaleness is to drop my panties.  I don’t have to deconstruct and recontextualize taking Judith Butler on page 237 and Lacan ff 323-332 into account as well as whine and claim I’m just as much a woman as any female even though I have seven inches and some hormone shriveled balls.

For the record girls and women have pussies and boys/men have penises.

And your slander sound straight out of Michael Savage, James Dobson, Tony Perkins and a whole shit load of neo-Nazi Taliban Christians.

No wonder I don’t want to support you.

Oh by the way to quote Laura Nyro “Love my love thing, super ride inside my love thing.”

My pussy can shout its own vagina monologue and in the end it really does come down to holes vs poles.

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Things Not to say to a Former Transkid

It is really rude and negates what were very often very hard lives that included periods of doing sex work to tell someone who came out at 20 or so in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s or even later that it was impossible to do so.  Or to tell them there was no information available and then argue with them when they say they found such information in magazines and libraries in very small towns.

Telling people like us that it was impossible just because you didn’t or couldn’t does not mean ordinary working class transkids of all races didn’t.

It was possible because we weren’t all that extraordinary and we did it.

Want to see us get angry? Argue with us that it was impossible.  For if it was impossible as you say then it negates our lived lives and our history and replaces that vital history with a mythology that is a lie.