Rejecting the “Queering” of our Lives

I despise “Queer Theory” as much as I despise the Ayn Randite Chicago School of Economics.

Recently the ever irascible Larry Kramer trashed “Queer Theory” (See Larry Kramer’s Case Against “Queer” by Charles Kaiser)

Kramer’s Full Speech

Kramer is right Gay and Lesbian Studies which were about the lives of Gays and Lesbians have been replace by the total bullshit of the oh so trendy and post-modern “Queer Studies”

Women’s Studies have been replaced with the same sort of post-modern “Gender Studies”

And they are bullshit in any sort of deconstructed textual and subtextual discursive jargon fucking laden language.  Neo-con/neo-lib bullshit.

I imagine even Foucault who is often cited as starting all this crap would denounce it were he still alive.

Some 50 years ago back when Richard Green was still sort of a good guy he wrote an afterword to Dr. Benjamin’s book.  Basically rehashing a popular book from IIRC the 1920s titled “Venus Castina”.  Transsexualism isn’t a modern phenomena nor is it an artifact of western culture.

It isn’t a lot of things and I reject the terminology that has come into vogue to describe our lives and experiences.

I got into an on-line screaming match with some one who fancied himself a “Gender Outlaw”.  He was a queer theory/gender theory major and he insisted I was gender transgressive.  Now I’ll fess up to being whole lots of things including a lesbian identified bisexual anarcha-feminist atheist pinko commie, but gender transgressive…  Only by the standards of a pasty white upper middle class talibian religious right wing misogynistic culture could I possibly be considered gender transgressive.

I’m working class.  I work retail.  Our class is no longer divided into pink collar/blue collar because we all wear the uniform of polo shirts of the designated color if not actually bearing the company logo.  Everyone wears pants and sturdy shoes.

When I get home in the summer I tend to wear a skirt (Breathe free little koochie snorker!) in the winter jeans.  I may dress hipper than some women and less trendy than others but gender transgressive… By whose fucking definition?

Of course I can depend on the little Stalins of the QT/GT set to tell me that simply because I “live in a gender I wasn’t assigned at birth”.  I was assigned a sex at birth.  We didn’t use euphemisms for sex in those days as it was before the social construct of post-modernism.

I have been told I shouldn’t describe what I felt like before hormones and all as “Feeling like a woman trapped in a male body.” even though that was what it felt like.  I’m supposed to say I felt blahblahblah about my gender.  Except I didn’t.  If that was what I felt I could have been a queen and bought an expensive car or made the down payment on a house when one could buy a very nice house for about 30K.

This leads me to a new term that is cropping up “gender variant”.  What the fuck? I’m not a gender variant I’m a woman who was treated for transsexualism, something science is starting to show is a genetic based condition having to deal with varying levels of responses in sex hormone receptors and how they deal with hormone utilization.

Gender doesn’t have much of anything to do with it.  This sort of takes us back to the metaphorical starting point and explains how our bodies were telling us something was wrong.

And you know something else.  I’ve gotten really freaking tired of being some academic’s Ph.D. thesis.  Let them do something worthy of their talent for spreading bullshit, let them work retail.

One Response to “Rejecting the “Queering” of our Lives”

  1. Evangelina Says:

    Oh My! This little gem slipped by me Suzan!
    I am so with you on this one it’s not funny. Ok I am not that left wing, I’m not lesbian, bisexual or an anarchist but put me down for the rest.
    I love my doctor; he’s gay kind knowledgeable and although seeing him twice a year for check ups and hrt scripts is a chore I’d rather avoid I enjoy our meetings His one failing? He insists on using transgender as a term to describe me. I think with 25 years post op behind me a vaginaplasty he himself describes as perfect and 12 years in an undisclosed heterosexual marriage, I figure I’ve got a right to be referred to as female and woman.
    I’m up to the back teeth with being labelled according to someone else’s crackpot theories. Rant over! Nice one Suzan

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