No More Professional Pimps

Since  my post regarding the late Transvestite Prince I have had people remind me more and more of details I had forgotten regarding his negative impact on the lives of post-SRS WBTs.

One would think the who pile of crap regarding the hegemonic erasure of transsexualism by the meme of “transgender as umbrella” would be sufficient reason to damn him but it gets better.

He spawned a whole brood of Psychiatric Pimps by being the educated voice with the doctorate, the straight privileged white male voice of reason.

Virtually every single slur used against women with a medical history of transsexualism was first voiced by Prince.  Every single negative theory from Stoller’s “smother mother” to autogynephilia and androphilia came from Prince.

While she would probably deny it so did half the crap put forth by Janice Raymond.

Now that this misogynistic evil turd is dead it is time to retire his off spring too.

End the careers of the Pimps like Bailey and Blanchard, Ekins and King.  Let them find honest work or let them go work with the discredited bigots of NARTH but what ever one does with them their bullshit theories of gender and transsexualism belong in the same grave as Prince.

Time to bury not only Prince but those who continue to espouse his poison.

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  1. catkisser Says:


    Classic transsexuality is dragged under an umbrella term coined by someone rabidly and vocally anti-transsexual and anti- SRS making him the ultimate neo-gnyophobe.

    The highest “honour” of this umbrella group has is the Virginia Prince lifetime achievement award……an open slap in the face to women of transsexual history. Other than here, where are the “I’ve come to bury Charlie Prince, not to praise him” articles of the truth of this SOB…..this hater, this homophobe, this mysogynistic bastard?

    While we are at it, why are we supposed to continue to be good girls and use feminine pronouns for those who openly tell us they are men but speak for us? The Lena Dalstroms etc. admit they are men, but if we refer to them in those terms somehow we are the bigots. This is bullying, patriarchal bullying in the name of “political correctness”.

    I believe that third gender types have every right to be who they are without suffering prejudice for that but in turn, they need to start respecting that women identified, female bodies people are not subject to their third gender designation and are equally entitled to get on with their lives fully acknowledged for who they are. What is missing is the parity.

    Prince is dead, finally……do not expect me to shed a single tear about that for to me he was a monster.

    Prince promoted the idea of the non fetishist transvestite most of his life but apparently openly admitted his fetishism to Stoller and reportedly was a huge consumer of she-male porn in the later part of his life. This reflects my own experiences with transvestites, full and part time. I’ve been told Prince turned rabidly anti-transsexual when Leo Wollman refused him surgery clearance because he was as pure example of transvestite as was possible…..and old Leo gave clearance to almost everyone. I’ve had this from three difference sources, one of whom was Sylvia Rivera herself.

    Prince is dead…’s time to rip up his damn umbrella now as well once and for all. It’s time to point out that those who claim to be women but want (operative word want) to keep a functioning penis are gynophobic by that alone and any claims to the contrary are ludicrous.

    It’s past time to tell the transgender community…..enough with the lies, the insults and the patriarchal claims of the right to speak for those who have nothing in common with them at all but the superficial appearance of similarities maintained only by willfully ignoring personal gender identity and scientific fact.

    Sign my Petition at if you agree. Let’s get those five hundred signatures.

  2. Ariablue Says:

    The cultish behavior in the Transgender Party is getting quite creepy. Kissing the ass of some hateful dead transvestite? You are right, the reaction to this death is very telling.

    Those that praise this person obviously don’t care too much for women.

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