Excusing Prince’s Harm

A couple of years ago I wrote a comment to a LGBT/T newsparer called  “Good Bye to Transgender and All That”.  The title was a paraphrase of a 1970 piece by Robin Morgan and a piece by Del Martin.

Now Robin Morgan has at times royally pissed me off.  I find her at times to be opportunistic, over bearing and obnoxious.  I though her trashing of Beth Elliott in 1973 was beyond the pale and then compounded by republishing the trashing in “Going too Far”.

Yet I admire Morgan as one of the brilliant voices of Second Wave Feminism, someone who has often nailed things.

So I forgive her for her short comings.

People criticized me for writing that piece and for alluding to Robin Morgan’s “Good Bye to all That”.

The damage done by Prince to those who are in the terminology of some “classic transsexuals” andin my thinking are women identified rather than transgender identified is very deep.

I’m almost tempted to go through doing some research.

I would bet he laid the seeds that grew into GID and transsexuals being considered mentally ill.  The dots are there in isolated statements and we need to connect them if we are to destroy the fiction of GID.

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http://www.gcn.ie/IRISH_SOCIAL_WORKERS_OPPOSE_LGBT_CONVERSION_THERAPYThe Irish Association of Social Workers, passed a motion strongly opposing conversion therapy, which seeks to change the sexual orientation of gay, lesbian and bisexual people, at their AGM last week.

Declan Coogan, Spokesperson for the Irish Association of Social Workers stated “sexual orientation conversion (reparative) therapy is based on the erroneous belief that homosexuality is an illness. There is no evidence that conversion therapy is effective though there is evidence of mental health risks associated with the use of such approaches with gay, lesbian or bisexual people”.

He added that the IASW strongly opposes such approaches and the Association discourages social workers from providing such interventions or making referrals to agencies that claim to do so.


No More Professional Pimps

Since  my post regarding the late Transvestite Prince I have had people remind me more and more of details I had forgotten regarding his negative impact on the lives of post-SRS WBTs.

One would think the who pile of crap regarding the hegemonic erasure of transsexualism by the meme of “transgender as umbrella” would be sufficient reason to damn him but it gets better.

He spawned a whole brood of Psychiatric Pimps by being the educated voice with the doctorate, the straight privileged white male voice of reason.

Virtually every single slur used against women with a medical history of transsexualism was first voiced by Prince.  Every single negative theory from Stoller’s “smother mother” to autogynephilia and androphilia came from Prince.

While she would probably deny it so did half the crap put forth by Janice Raymond.

Now that this misogynistic evil turd is dead it is time to retire his off spring too.

End the careers of the Pimps like Bailey and Blanchard, Ekins and King.  Let them find honest work or let them go work with the discredited bigots of NARTH but what ever one does with them their bullshit theories of gender and transsexualism belong in the same grave as Prince.

Time to bury not only Prince but those who continue to espouse his poison.