TOMORROW, May 5, 2009

John A. Wilson Building Council Chamber
1350 Pennyslvania Ave. NW
8 am – Noon
Wear White for Equality

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 5, at 10:00 am, the DC City Council will take its FINAL vote on the bill that will clarify that DC law recognizes same-gender marriages from other jurisdictions. The first vote, which did not include Marion Barry, was unanimous. Since that vote, however, the council has received tremendous pressure from anti-equality and anti-LGBT groups and organizations. In addition, Councilmember Barry has vowed to oppose the bill and has joined these groups in waging war against it.

Those twelve council members need to see your support behind them tomorrow when they vote a second time for equality. We encourage people to arrive as early as 8AM and to dress in white as a show of solidarity.

Please contact NOW Field Organizer, Ali Rodway at 971-570-9663 for details or directions.

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