Virginia Prince is Finally Dead

Good riddance…

I thought that hateful old misogynistic man in a dress was going to live forever.

It will probably take 20 more years to undo the damage  he did.

He was THE WORST thing to ever happen to women born transsexual.  Worse than Janice Raymond.  As bad as Green, Zucker, McHugh, Bailey and Blanchard.

He spent many taped hours with Richard Stoller poisoning the entire start of  learning regarding transsexualism.

I can already hear the transvestites lining up to sing hymns of praise and create a hagiography about the great debt we owe him for being out in the 1950 thereby giving the heterosexual transvestites credit for something both drag queens and transsexuals had been doing with far more honesty for at least a hundred years.

I will never forget my disgust with his misogynistic woman negating tome “The Transvestite and his Wife”.  A copy made its way to the National Transsexual Counseling Unit in the early 1970s.

It did one positive thing for me… It convinced me that I had absolutely zero in common with heterosexual transvestites.

I was several years post-SRS when I met Prince at an event in the mid-1970s.  I was a woman identified woman, a radical feminist by that point and an out lesbian.  Prince made the mistake of telling me I was a transvestite who got carried away and that all real transsexuals were heterosexual after SRS.

When people speak in terms of the stereotypes the doctors were supposed to have of us as ultra feminine and strictly heterosexual after SRS, of how we couldn’t be non-stereotypical or lesbians….

Lay that one on his grave as it was Prince who implanted that idea.

Autogynaphilia and androphilia are just different terms for his thinking and the responsability for those date to his conversations with Stoller.

He was a fraud as well, taking credit for the accomplishments of others.  He was a homophobe with the typical homophobe secret.

He will not be missed by me.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Interessting story. There is a german TS woman who calls herself activist (and has some got media connections 😦 ) and spouts things like this. Some things I read from her might come directly from Princes mindset.

  2. Evangelina Says:

    I too met Charlie Prince back in 1984 I think it was; by that time I was either just about to go into hospital or had not long since come out of recovery from surgery. I was not impressed either by the image, what he said or the effect he had on the other members of the support group. He also undid about six months hard work I’d done with some people I was counselling at the time. Needless to say I was less than impressed.
    I’m not one to hold grudges or harbour much in the way of hate. However, although I find it hard to rejoice at the news of his death, I can’t say I am particularly sorry either.
    I began reading a copy of that awful book of his you mentioned Suzan. I think I got to about page 20 before I handed back to the owner with the comment “this is crap” For the benefit of those who don’t understand English colloquialisms, “crap” is roughly equal to “bullshit”
    Interesting thing is that as regards weekend transvestites and full time transvestites or transgender (of which he was one). He is pretty much on the money. If he hadn’t dragged transsexualism into his diatribe I wouldn’t have as big a problem with him. That is the damage Prince has done and for that I will never forgive him.

  3. Brenda Lana Smith R af D Says:

    2009-05-04 BLS:

    Virginia Prince, Christine Jorgensen, and me…

    Extracting—as I am wont to do—from page 151… BLS’ © musings “a’top a dung-hill…” 2009-05-04:

    During one of Chris’ and my discussions—usually while journeying somewhere in one of our cars—on the pros and cons of an increasing number of folk such as Virginia Prince and Sister Mary-Elizabeth publicly setting forth their particular brand of resolving one’s dissociative gender identification… I never once heard Chris identify with other than the therapeutic ideals of the chemosurgical sex-change…

    Chris positively was no fan of the fourteen-year older cross-dressing former pharmacologist Virginia Prince. A heterosexual married-man who had—at age 54, elected on her real life long experience as a woman with her male genitalia intact—had the audacity to publicly criticize all who had or therapeutically sought to resolve their dissociative gender identification chemosurgically, as Christine had pioneered in North America…

    And… whether well oiled or not… I have a gut feeling that had Chris had an inkling that Richard F Docter—her doting male dining companion at a 1988 cross-dressers’ ball—would be of a mind to write the biography of transgenderist Virginia Prince before that of the Christine Jorgensen (who at 26, having already enjoyed two years real life experience as a woman, therapeutically underwent male-to-female sex reassignment surgery some fourteen years before Virginia Prince had enough guts to permanently present as a woman…) that biographer Richard F Docter’s seventeen old memories of Chris and his 1988 meeting in his 2005-05-23 draft of “Becoming a Woman: A biography of Christine Jorgensen” would be even less favorable… in fact—the whole biography probably nonexistant…

    It should not go unmentioned that while the mix of either sex and politics or sex and religiosity unquestionably makes for strange bedfellows… I—a chemosurgical male-to-female sex-change—ironically found myself nodding agreeably with a couple of statements in the conservative religious writer Dennis Prager’s 2005-08-02 WorldDailyNet Commentary “Judeo Christian values, part 19: The challenge of the transgendered…” that:

    • “Transgendered is not the same as transsexual. In theory, Judeo-Christian values have no problem with a transsexual — someone who has undergone a sex change — if that person then behaves in ways associated with his or her new sex.”


    • “In the sexual activists’ world, “sex” is fixed and objective; “gender” is fluid and subjective.”


    Learning that a Dr Richard F Docter had written transgenderist Virginia Prince’s biography before Chris’ didn’t gain any Brownie-Points from my politically entrenched pro- ‘sex- over gender- change’ corner either… as I pointedly recorded in my immediate response to Sister Mary-Elizabeth’s e-mail—2003-09-19 05.14—informing me that she had given my e-mail contact to a Dr Richard Docter who was then finishing a book on Virginia Prince, and preparing to write a biography of Christine and would be soliciting my assistance as a best resource on Chris’ last year:

    • “Regret I can’t ever recall ever seeing or hearing of Dr Richard Doctor—I’m afraid I don’t get good vibes… maybe it’s seeing his name in conjunction with Virginia Prince’s—of whom I am certainly no admirer…“

    • “Would (you) please send me his resume—as I say I’m not getting the best of vibes… maybe it emanates from him in my mind’s eye having gotten his priorities wrong (in) putting Virginia before Christine…”




  4. Suzan Says:

    I’ve read both the Ekins/King book regarding the Prince of many names and Richard F Docter’s.

    Lowman/Prince is ill deserving of any sort of hagiography among any people other than heterosexual transvestites and his claims are even dubious there.

    He was a vicious homophobe and pretended to be a pioneer and courageous at a time in the mid to late 1950s when the queens John Rechy wrote about (and the people who were most closely related to the sisters who got SRS when it became available) were living their lives as outlaws in the downtown/Bunker Hill area of LA.

    I first read about the heterosexual transvestites in a book called “A Year Among the Girls” and though they were a strange bunch of men and the expectation that their wives would go along with it was rather abusive.

    I went 24/7 a week or two before Stonewall and felt a great affinity towards that form of liberation ideology and its ties to the other movements of that era.

    The whole Het-CD Movement seemed dominated by its homophobia, misogyny and anti-progressive closet case positions.

    A good portion of the het TVs were having sex with men when en femme including Prince. (I knew a male hustler and believe what he told me.)

    These were/are white men of power and money who can afford to have influence over the thinking that has been put out there. Hence my mixed feelings regarding Tapestry and my negative feelings regarding the Transgender Rights Activists.

    They don’t generally speak for the trannie hooker/gender trash sisters who were my friends.

    Richard F Docter, Vern and Bonnie Bullough, Ekins, King, Bailey/Blanchard and some others have always struck me as professional trannie chasers.

    They have these chauvinistic attitudes that WBTs are incapable of speaking objectively regarding our own lives and that we need interpreters.

    I think they want to make money off us and I do not trust them. I also expect them to pay me a consultants fee for talking with them since they will use my information to make themselves money.

    They are parasites of the worst sort. We have our own home grown academics and intellectuals.

  5. catkisser Says:

    Let’s see……..
    Made nasty comments about corrected genitals
    Major league consumer of she-male porn
    Pushed an anti- transsexual political agenda
    Darling of the crossdressers…….

    Now I know who Helms has been using for a role model!

    In other news tonight, Charles Prince is still dead.

  6. leigh Says:

    catkisser……… spot on as usual

    From Pams House Blend Today
    Posted by Monica Helms about Virginia Charles Prince

    “Met Her? (0.00 / 0)
    How many decades ago was that? I have been with her several times in the century and she didn’t have that attitude. She changed. Why can’t you?

    by: MonicaHelms @ Tue May 05, 2009 at 11:25:20 AM CDT

  7. ms sandys sanchez Says:

    I knew Virgina many years, Virgina hated me, mostly of being jelous of my youth and looks. I had gone to many f.p.e. meetings usuall held in rooms at hotels. once in a while at Virginas house on Nicklalous canyon in the Hollywood hills. friend and I were asked to live Virgina,s house because We were talkiing about srs. We were told to leave by the back entrence. I refushed and left by the front door. Cant say that Im glade Virgina is diead She opened a lot of exciting time.s for me and others to sociallze with other tvs and ts,s I am 73 now and had srs almost 31 years ago. Living my life fully as a female tennis players in New Mexico.

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