Virginia Prince is Finally Dead

Good riddance…

I thought that hateful old misogynistic man in a dress was going to live forever.

It will probably take 20 more years to undo the damage  he did.

He was THE WORST thing to ever happen to women born transsexual.  Worse than Janice Raymond.  As bad as Green, Zucker, McHugh, Bailey and Blanchard.

He spent many taped hours with Richard Stoller poisoning the entire start of  learning regarding transsexualism.

I can already hear the transvestites lining up to sing hymns of praise and create a hagiography about the great debt we owe him for being out in the 1950 thereby giving the heterosexual transvestites credit for something both drag queens and transsexuals had been doing with far more honesty for at least a hundred years.

I will never forget my disgust with his misogynistic woman negating tome “The Transvestite and his Wife”.  A copy made its way to the National Transsexual Counseling Unit in the early 1970s.

It did one positive thing for me… It convinced me that I had absolutely zero in common with heterosexual transvestites.

I was several years post-SRS when I met Prince at an event in the mid-1970s.  I was a woman identified woman, a radical feminist by that point and an out lesbian.  Prince made the mistake of telling me I was a transvestite who got carried away and that all real transsexuals were heterosexual after SRS.

When people speak in terms of the stereotypes the doctors were supposed to have of us as ultra feminine and strictly heterosexual after SRS, of how we couldn’t be non-stereotypical or lesbians….

Lay that one on his grave as it was Prince who implanted that idea.

Autogynaphilia and androphilia are just different terms for his thinking and the responsability for those date to his conversations with Stoller.

He was a fraud as well, taking credit for the accomplishments of others.  He was a homophobe with the typical homophobe secret.

He will not be missed by me.