WBT Civil Rights Issues

For the last 10 years I have been saying that the only real basic civil rights issue women of transsexual history should be concerned with regarding themselve is the proposition that after surgical sex reassignment that we are legally treated identically with women born women, “normborns”.

When infants are born they are assigned as male or female based on a quick look between the legs.  It is only if that is inconclusive that other steps are taken.

Instead of wordy rapping games about gender and constructs, textual/subtextual readings and other post modern bullshit we should have the same standard applied to our sex assignments.  If you have a penis/phallus you are male, a vulva/vagina then you are female.  With all rights and legal definitions that apply to normborns now applying to us.

This means I was never big on marriages entered into as heterosexuals prior to coming out continuing using some sort of word games and legal mumbo jumbo.  I’ve modified that one now that same sex marriage is becoming more accepted but I still think it had the potential for getting declared men even after SRS.

I do not want “transgender anti-discrimination protection” for myself.  I want the same anti-discrimination protections extended to normborn females.

In short first and foremost I stand for the recognition of post-SRS women and men being treated as members of the sex to which they have been reassigned.

This should have absolutely nothing to do with transgender issues.  Too long transgenders have tried to claim sameness.  Now I’m a liberal, even left wing progressive woman and I will write letters of support for causes that are not my own but the hegemonic colonization of the lives of post-SRS women tends if anything to both anger me and to make me disinclined to offer the same enthusiastic support I might otherwise automatically give.

I am not transgender I never have been and the word game that claims we are alike is a scam, a con game that throws a ton of red herrings to cover up the reality and that is that people with transsexualism are different from people with transgenderism (even though both are probably innate just as so many things are).  We get SRS, they have a million excuse all of which have a subtext of liking their boy-toy too much to have surgery that makes it into a girl-toy.

Futher many transgender people are misogynistic with a distinct contempt of women that denies women the right to say that women are adult females.  I have heard some of the vilest abuse and had my genitals describe in the identical manner by right wing religious freaks, Janice Raymond and Transgender Rights Activists (TGRAs)

In short I am a woman identified woman and I want to be treated identically to all other women.  I do not want to be included in transgender rights protections.

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  1. Evangelina Says:

    Been saying the exact same thing myself for around 25 years. When I stood up at a conference in the UK and and stated that if the government would not alter a birth certificate then it should issue a new one for post operative women and protect the change in sex status through legislation that prevents disclosure of the change to any un authorized third party. I was laughed at. 20 years later GERBIL did just that. I keep saying GERBIL is not perfect and it leaves some unsatisfactory gaps and provides for some circumstances I don’t like or agree with. i.e change of birth cerificate without surgery. However in democracies, in the words of The Rolling Stones, “You don’t always get what you want but if you try sometime you just might find, you get what you need”
    GERBIL imperfect as it is has given me precisely the same rights, privilages and responsibilities as every other woman in this country. It is all I ever asked for. Like most other women I know, I don’t want some “Chick with a dick” telling me how I should live or what I should think. They can “go grease the truck” with the rest of the men as far as I’m concerned, ‘cos they ain’t chicks.

  2. Diana Says:

    I agree completely with this article . Also, however, I do think serious preops in the “life experience” stage could benefit from some reasonable rules on access to restrooms, treatment if arrested, etc. Also, it would be helpful to clarify that one cannot be fired (or assaulted) because she is in transition. I am done, and many of us got by OK without any of this, but there is no need to pull up the ladder. I would support rules that protect persons in transition from unreasonable interference with their life experience.

    Als, I would support more freedom in some respects for transgenders, but for reasons given in the article that has nothing to do with me.

  3. Suzan Says:

    Check out the articles that surround this one.

    For the record I do support both anti-hate crimes laws and inclusive anti-discrimination laws.

    I just do not want protection using those laws because I am not transgender. I want post- SRS women protected by the same laws that protect women.

    What I do get sick and tired of are TGRAs telling me that I have to pour my energy into their cause when I would perhaps prefer to put my time and energy into a diferent cause.

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