Our Issues Aren’t the Same as Transgender Issues

When was the last freaking time you even thought about restroom usage?

Maybe you did when you first transitioned but that is one of those things that becomes a past issue pretty quickly for most of us.  Now I realize there are certain people, who because of build etc are never going to get past that one.  But they too tend to find a place in the world where they can be comfortable.

When it comes to employment age discrimination and sex discrimination are far bigger issues for me than “transdiscrimination”.

Now I can hear the rapidly ramping up of the whine volume that starts with the accusation of selfishness, callousness and escalates into acusations of self-hatred and bigotry.  But this does not erase the fact that as we assimilate into just being members of the sex to which we have been reassigned our issues become the same as women of the age and class to which we belong.

These days that often includes fear of layoffs, company closings, loss of life savings, loss of pention plans and fear of being too old to get another decent job.

For some of us strange bigoted legal rulings leave us concerned about issues of inheritance should our husbands/spouses die without a will or the games insurance companies play.  For others of us the right to get married to avoid the discrimination faced by same sex couples upon the death of their partner is at the forefront.

It may seem odd but I have a hard time working up any sort of righteous anger regarding what people have to go through to get SRS these days.  Transition sucks.  It always has and will probably still suck years after I’m dead.  I didn’t opt to make counseling sisters my life’s work.  Some sisters do and for them this remains a problem.

It would be really helpful for us to have lists of doctors we could go to in major cities across the nation and around the world, who know about hormones and our special needs when dealing with endocrine issues.  What I don’t need are the names of transition facilitators.

Nonetheless I still support ant-discrimination and anti-hate crimes laws even if these do not directly affect me just because doing so feels right but other than signing petitions and writing letters I have other matters of political interest that are more my causes.

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  1. catkisser Says:

    From the time just before transition all the way to today, bathrooms have never been an issue for me. Call it “passing privilege” or whatever the simple fact of the matter is that for close to fifteen years exactly two people have questioned me using the Ladies and they were both crossdressers claiming to speak on behalf of their wives. The wives, for what it’s worth, told me I was no problem at all.

    I favour basic civil rights for all but I am also well known for calling out the unintended consquences that have resulted from the transgender activist agendas and methods.

    Today I learned of the latest of those. The American Pyschiatric Association is taking back Standards of Care from WPATH. They will be, in the future, actual enforcible medical standards of care and not “guidelines” as they have been under HBIGDA, now WPATH. I wrote about it this morning based in inside information.

    • Suzan Says:

      It is only about Bathrooms to the ultra right wing bigots. They whip that one out over everything ever since they used it as part of their campaign to defeat the ERA.

      Pam’s House Blend had one about some religious nutso cracker in the South who doesn’t want gay and lesbian kids to be allowed to use the bathrooms in the school.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Making it about bathrooms is a taktik of th political oponnents. Not TG persons.

  3. ariablue Says:

    Good post Suzan! I’m glad to hear that other people recognize our REAL issue, which is cementing the legitimacy of our legal documents and our status within the system. It’s strange how none of the transgender activists ever seem to think this is important, isn’t it? It isn’t even really on their list of issues. Why is that?

    If you think about it, the whole argument about getting rights under the gay rubric rather than as your legal gender is backwards. If you are recognized as your legal gender in a rock-solid fashion by the system, you don’t have any trans problems, do you? You have the same rights and privileges as anyone else of your legal gender.

    You can then fight for gay rights without reference to trans anything, because you don’t have any other issues with the law besides being gay, if that is why you do it. But maybe that’s the reason: You don’t want to actually solve these self-defined problems, because then you wouldn’t have anything to rail against and give your life meaning. Shrug.

    Anyway, from Cat’s post it sounds like things are going to get worse for us because of the sort of garbage that’s been coming out of the gender movement. But hey, we shouldn’t complain right? I’m not lobbying, so I have no right to say anything. Pfft. That’s like telling someone in the Democratic or Republican parties that they don’t have any right to voice concerns to their leadership.

    I think the political party comparison is valid, because as you point out it is an entirely political identity, with political motivations, that is behind all of our inclusion. The main difference is that we have not been given a choice about membership, and our ‘leaders’ have not been vetted by the members of this frankensteinian party. There has been no vote taken, and there is no dissent allowed.

    Even if I were to subscribe to this political activism, I would disagree with their means and ends. I don’t think the way they are going about things is effective, and is actually counterproductive. But if you question things, and point out flaws in the tactics, you would be skewered for going against dogma. And more importantly, you would be going against the will of the self-appointed theocrats who proselytize this gender-based religion.

    I wouldn’t want to be a member of a party like that in non-trans politics, let alone be part of something that strikes against my very identity and existence. But we are allowed to do an Arlen Spector and change our affiliation are we?

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