An Alternative to the Michigan Women’s Music Festival

I personally never got the charm of the MWMF.

When I lived in California going would have been outrageously expensive plus I’ve never been all that big on sleeping bags on the ground unless hot springs or Yosemite or Lassen was involved.

In the 1970s I saw most of the Olivia artist and photographed them at various concerts..  But now the Olivia cruises would be more my speed.

The idea of dealing with the whole hassle caused me to say 10 years ago, This year I am continuing my boycott of the MWMF.

I actually think going is a rite of passage for some sisters but I won’t get judgmental on that one.

On the other hand I just got the latest Ms. Magazine and saw in the coming event an announcement for the 34th National Women’s Music Festival held in Middleton Wisc.

Web site @

I went and looked and they didn’t proclaim a bigoted position regarding women who have some how had their lives touched with a trans prefixed word.

Perhaps they would be an alternative that would demonstrate positive support for inclusion rather than dealing with a bunch of negative energy.

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  1. Hypatia's Child Says:

    Actually, the NWMF has always been the favourite comeback of the self-styled radical feminists to those of us who have advocated inclusion of fully transitioned WBT at MichFest. Why do you need Michigan, they say, you’re welcome at National just like all men are. And it’s true. NWMF is not a women’s festival, it’s a festival of women’s music where everyone is welcome, men included. So while it’s a great place for people to listen to and support women artists, comparing it with MichFest is apples and oranges.

    A better alternative would be the Ohio Lesbian Festival,, which says “All womyn are welcomed”. It used to be more explicit and added “les, straight, bi, or trans”. Those words don’t seem to be there anymore but I haven’t heard anything about a change in policy. It is created by and for women only but with a less antediluvian definition of “women”. It’s a great end of summer festival with lots of music and very good workshops. And, no camping. Traditionally it’s a one day fest, though this year for their 20th anniversary it runs the whole weekend. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area or just passing through.

    • Suzan Says:

      A couple of things I found interesting about the Michigan Festival is how Riki Wilchins managed to grab all the attention with Camp Trans while Davina Gabrille (sp) and the ohers who worked out the compromise for post SRS women, even though it is a “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell, compromise are ignored.

      The other thing is how over the last 15 years some of the loudest voice in opposition to post-SRS women at the MWMF have actually been WBT themselves (One Down on the web site and others).

      This is sort of like how both Kiira and Cheryl, who were the loudest voices against transsexualism being considered an intersex condition are both phony intersex people if it isn’t because they are post SRS women of a transsexual history.

      There is pretty much some sort of sickness to this one

    • Suzan Says:

      If I were to check out any lesbian gathering over and above local events I think the Dinah Shore Weekend is more my speed these days.

      Personally I’d rather go to the 50th Year anniversary of the Newport Folk Festival and maybe see good old red, Pete Seeger. So far this year we saw Joan Baez and Gordan Lightfoot and last year we saw Roger McGuinn

  2. Hypatia's Child Says:

    Attention-grab, yeah. Wilchins disrupted the ’99 Camp Trans workshop run by Lynnee Breedlove with her me-me-me I have the REAL scoop shtick and pretty well shut down discussion between CT people and the wimmin who were still reeling from seeing male bodies in the showers the day before. The dinnertime protest next year was another sound bite grab orchestrated, again, by Riki. Together, Wilchins/CT’s antics those two years killed any chance at a lasting post-op only compromise.

    OneDown/Lynne/Rainsong is also a regular Festie — more’s the hypocrisy.

    • Suzan Says:

      I don’t get the self hating WBTs who think that trashing other WBTs make them realer. It is like the clinging to an improbable variation on some sort of intersex rather than fighting to get transsexualism considered an intersex condition when all the actual scientific evidence points in that direction.

      I have to deal with people who served in the military, were married, fathers and Republicans telling me they are more women than I am because they aren’t pat of the LGBT/T ghetto. Of course this assumes that I am when I’m more part of the hip community.

      It’s like the sisters who asked if I was going to go back to being a guy when I came out as lez.. Even though lez is more a political label and I am more bi than lez.

      One Down is more like a wannabee One Up

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