An Alternative to the Michigan Women’s Music Festival

I personally never got the charm of the MWMF.

When I lived in California going would have been outrageously expensive plus I’ve never been all that big on sleeping bags on the ground unless hot springs or Yosemite or Lassen was involved.

In the 1970s I saw most of the Olivia artist and photographed them at various concerts..  But now the Olivia cruises would be more my speed.

The idea of dealing with the whole hassle caused me to say 10 years ago, This year I am continuing my boycott of the MWMF.

I actually think going is a rite of passage for some sisters but I won’t get judgmental on that one.

On the other hand I just got the latest Ms. Magazine and saw in the coming event an announcement for the 34th National Women’s Music Festival held in Middleton Wisc.

Web site @

I went and looked and they didn’t proclaim a bigoted position regarding women who have some how had their lives touched with a trans prefixed word.

Perhaps they would be an alternative that would demonstrate positive support for inclusion rather than dealing with a bunch of negative energy.

On Equal Pay Day NOW Calls Attention to Persistent Gender Wage Gap

April 27, 2009

“The jury is in, the studies are done, and the conclusions are consistent: the gender pay gap is alive and well,” said NOW President Kim Gandy. “The disparity between what women and men are paid stubbornly persists, even after controlling for years of education, work experience and type of occupation.”

For full-time, year-round workers, women are paid on average only 78 percent of what men are paid, and the gap is significantly wider for women of color. These wage gaps remain despite the passage of the 1963 Equal Pay Act and a variety of legislation prohibiting employment discrimination.

In 1963, full-time working women were paid 59 cents on average for every dollar paid to men. This means it took more than 40 years for the wage gap to close just 19 cents — a rate of less than half a penny a year. This snails-pace narrowing of the gap has slowed down even more during the last six years, with women gaining a mere two cents since 2001.

What are some of the ugly truths lurking behind the wage gap? A large percentage of women are segregated into occupations that pay less than most male-dominated professions. A far greater proportion of women cut back or interrupt time in the paid workforce to deal with family responsibilities, which directly impacts their earning potential. And women’s pay is affected by stereotypical attitudes about the sexes that range from the blatantly outrageous to those so embedded in our society we barely notice them.

Guaranteeing that women receive equal pay for equal work will help struggling families, stimulate the economy, and ensure self-sufficiency for women. In light of the economic crisis facing our nation, it is more important than ever to close the wage gap and ensure that victims of wage discrimination have access to fair compensation.

“Clearly some employers will keep discriminating if they can get away with it, and it’s Congress’ job to pass more effective laws — like the Paycheck Fairness Act — so they can’t,” said Gandy. “NOW members are contacting their senators right now, urging them to sponsor the Paycheck Fairness Act. The passage of this bill is essential to ensuring women’s economic security during these uncertain times.”

Read NOW’s fact sheet on equal pay.

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The Family of Angie Zapata Responds

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What does Julissa Brisman have in common with Angie Zapata?

Do you know who Julissa Brisman was?  She was the victim in the Craig’s List murder/robberies.

She was allegedly a sex worker although the news stories give her alleged murderer the benefit of “alleged” and tend to deny her that same room for doubt.

Sex worker, prostitute, trannie, stripper, drag show performer, women who fall outside the pure Madonna stereotype become what Andrew Vachss (novelist and advocate for children’s rights) calls “non-citizens” in his Burke novels.

Zoe @  A.E. Brain, Australia wrote

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Not Guilty

In the trial of Angie Zapata, she has been found Not Guilty of the charge of being less than human.

Her killer, Allen Ray Andrade, on the other hand, has been found guilty of murder in the first degree, and with a bias crime enhancement. When he said

“It’s not like I just went up to a school teacher and shot her in the head, you know what I mean? It’s not like I went up to a law-abiding straight citizen.”

Just as I view transphobia as an extension of the same misogyny that oppresses women in general I have long seen the common trait shared by women born female and women born transsexual when both are murdered.

That commonality is found in the defense of every dick who has ever murdered or beaten a woman, “The bitch (whore) deserved it or was asking for it.”

Instead of taking responsibility and admitting his guilt he blames the woman he murdered or harmed.  All the way back to Adam the excuse has always been, “The bitch made me do it.”

Men think they can get away with murdering women who do not meet some patriarchal standard of purity.  After all she was only a whore.  She was a trannie and deceived me even though I met her in a drag bar or court where she went before a judge under her male name.

I lived on Sunset Boulevard near Fairfax when the LA Stranglers were picking women from my neighborhood to murder and rape.  I leafletted passing out the names of Hollywood homocide detectives who promised not to arrest sex workers who brought them information.

But they were only street walkers and even though California reinstituted the death penalty the two scum suckers who murdered all those women escaped with only life in prison because their victims were hookers.  “It wasn’t like they were school teachers or something.

Now they are carrying on about how the alleged murderer of Julissa Brisman is a medical student and a good boy who just owed gambling debts.  In short it isn’t his fault.  “The whore made him do it”

It is time to treat these misogynistic excuses as confessions of guilt and not extenuating explanations demanding exculpation.’

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