Allen Andrade Guilty on All Counts


All we ask is that the murder of transsexual and transgender women be treated seriously.  Just as seriously as that of the virgin white christian cheerleader in a private school.

In this case this scum sucker committed first degree murder, a hate crime as well as grand theft.

Bury him in prison forever.  Let him never have sex with a woman from this day forth.

Angie Zapata verdict announced

Allen Andrade is guilty of murdering 18-year-old transgendered woman Angie Zapata, a Colorado jury decided. Andrade is also guilty of the additional hate crime charge.

The Weld County jury deliberated for two hours.

On Tuesday, the jurors heard a tape of a call made to Andrade’s girlfriend Felicia Mendoza, in which he said “gay things need to die.”

In the call, he joked about his “celebrity” status, saying he he would sell his story for the right price.

“Give me money and I’ll sell my story – for $50,000 I would,” he was recorded telling her.

During cross-examination by Andrade’s attorneys, Mendoza said it was the first time she heard Andrade say anything derogatory about gays.

The defense maintained that Andrade “snapped” after finding out the teen was biologically male. But prosecutors argued that Andrade knew Angie Zapata’s secret for at least 36 hours before the slaying – and killed her not in a sudden rage but because he disliked gays and transgenders.

It is the first case in which the state’s hate crime law has been applied in a case involving a transgendered person.

Colorado added gender identity to its hate crime law in 2005. It is one of only 11 states across the country that include transgender protections in their hate crime laws.

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  1. Evangelina Says:

    Well that’s the guilty verdict over, now watch the scumbag appeal to a higher court over the fairness of the trial or some other pretext of injustice. This should be over but mark my words, it won’t be. May the pile of shit rot in hell.

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