A couple of Acronyms to File away

I came across “MRA” which is an acronym for Men’s Rights Activists and that one suggested TGRA for Transgender Rights Activists.

I’ll be putting these into use along with Sophie Siedlberg’s “normborn as a way of messing with the gender activists.

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  1. Joann Prinzivalli Says:

    TGRA “sounds” like it works as an acronym for activists whose people have a “place” in much of right-wing intolerant American society, to be viewed as a bunch of dirty tiggers who must be kept in the shadows and the ghettoes, and from whose allegedly degenerate predations and polluting presence “real” cissexual women and innocent children must be protected.

  2. Suzan Says:

    Wait till I tackle transgender misogyny.

  3. Suzan Says:

    Joann said “TGRA “sounds” like it works as an acronym for activists whose people have a “place” in much of right-wing intolerant American society,”

    Actually I find way to many of the TGRAs sound pretty much identical to the right wing misogynistic men with their talk about WBTs “inverted penises” and how WBT are always going to be transgender.

  4. Joann Prinzivalli Says:

    I don’t know. I know there would be *some* members of the “Tri-Ess” organization (and others) who might feel that way (and others involved with Tri-Ess who don’t, or are apolitical and are only there for a social outlet, or to get support that might help themselves and their wives cope with their “hobby”).

    On the other hand, I think that those you would identify as TGRAs who would advocate against WBTs, aren’t really TRGAs at all. They’re more likely to be deeply closeted crossdressers who vote Republican and feel guilty about their little “hobby.”

    I had a conference call last night regarding GENDA strategy (and post-GENDA strategy) in New York now that the Assembly has passed the bill a second time. One thing that came up is “next steps” – what do we do once GENDA actually gets passed in the Senate and becomes law.

    All GENDA does, I reminded everyone, is provide a “level playing field” with regard to existing human rights and hate crimes law in New York. There are already other bills in the hopper that must come to the forefront, bills that have a direct impact on WBTs. One is Assemblymember Bing’s bill regarding child custody. I have already asked Senator Duane to introduce a “same as” in the Senate.

    I have a partially-written bill addressing health insurance, medicaid, and access to medical care, that I hope to have completed for introduction in the next session. I already have a sponsor lined up in the Assembly.

    I only get to be a “TRGA” on a technicality, I think, since I use the “transgender” term in the ordinary inclusive sense much of the time. There are needs of WBTS, MBTs and people in transition that must be addressed. Also, there are issues that must be addressed that impact the poorer and most marginalized members of the “trans” community, regardless of what term they use to self-describe. (Some of these are very much like the people you identify as “queens” in some of your writing – they may never have surgery, but they’re out there 24/7 dealing with police abuse and brutality, homelessness, social service issues, substance abuse, etc.)

  5. translegalhistorian Says:

    From when I lived in Texas I rememebr an organization called TGRA.

    The letters stood for ‘Texas Gay Rodeo Association.’

    • Suzan Says:

      I just get tired of writing certai phrases out. BTW WBT also stands for World Bible Translators. I’m sas sure they are as thrill with being associated with women born transsexual as I am to have them use a shared acronym.

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