Classic Transsexual

Classic Transsexual…  When I first heard that term I must admit I thought of Classic Cars meaning those of us who got SRS long, long ago.

But now I hear it in context I must admit I am a bit lost as to meaning.

When I went to Dr. Benjamin he told me I was one of the most perfect examples he had ever seen.  One of the psychiatrists I saw in Berkeley while trying to get government funding for SRS told me I was pretty normal for a Berkeley girl/woman who in 1969 considered her occupation to be revolutionary. When I asked Dr. Fisk at Stanford if we were born this way or if it was a product of nurture, he said, “In your case I would definitely say you were born that way.”

So doe being a “classic transsexual” mean having the obviouness of one’s intersex written on one’s body?

Maybe I’ve just been around a long time because I’ve seen all sorts of folks at all different ages get SRS and I’ve seen some more beautiful than I ever was never bother to get the operation.

John Meyers who wrote the vicious study for Johns Hopkins in the late 1970s would say the classic transsexual was one who was firmly embedded in the feminine mystique.  So being a revolutionary, a beatnik/hippie, lesbian feminist would makes me left out of that definition.

From what I have seen we are as individual as normborn females.  Some of us are pretty, some not.  Some smart and some as dumb as a rock.  We can come out at any age.  Some of us like men, some women, some both, some neither.

Even though I can’t understand for the life of me why any of us would ever vote Republican or identify as conservative some do.

Some of us are butch, some femme and lots pretty much working class hippie sort of t-shirt and jeans androgynous.

When I was young and running with other sisters who came out young I didn’t think I had much in common with sisters who came out older and yet when I went back to school and as I continued my education I found myself having more in common with them in likes and dislikes as well as things to talk about than I had with the sisters I came out with who never furthered their educations.

When some one raises the specter of some one who doesn’t fit one form or another of the classic transsexualism (and here the analogy to cars becomes particularly appropriate as there are so many different form of classic cars) only a couple of people come to mind.  Actually several others do as well but they were mental on whole other levels.  One is some one who claimed to have never had a childhood history until dressing up one Halloween.  The other is the notorious supporter of B, B & L from Canada.

Seriously though.  In the 1950 you had Christine Jorgensen and Roberta Cowell who were both in the military.  Hedy Jo Starr, who was in a carnaval side show.  In the early 1960s April Ashley and the sisters of the Carousel Club.

I think we always were a pretty mixed group with lots of differences.

I’m hard put to think