Transsexual woman pestered into moving

[There is a phrase that hits my eyes and ears with all the soothing melody of fingernails dragged down a black board.  That phrase is: “In non western cultures” followed by blah blah blah about how wonderful it is that in a place like India there is a cultural niche for transgender and people with transsexualism.  It is located some where below untouchable and serves the purpose of giving the untouchables someone to look down upon.

Needless to say I take living in modern western cultures over any overly romantacized lesser developed world alternatives.]

Published: Sunday 12 April 2009 21:14 UTC
Last updated: Sunday 12 April 2009 21:14 UTC

A transsexual woman from the Utrecht district of Zuilen has moved away as a result of bullying by a group of about 30 young Moroccans.
Earlier, two lesbian couples left Zuilen because they no longer felt safe there. Utrecht Mayor Aleid Wolfsen said the situation was extremely regrettable.

Last year, the city council took a series of measures to prevent this type of incident, including CCTV supervision and so-called ‘street coaches’, Moroccan parents appointed to tackle problem youths about their conduct.

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