Limits to Empathy

A few years ago I wrote something on Transtheory that I titled “Mean Teen Queens and the Mothras”

When I first came out I was what 1960s queens and pre-op transsexuals called a “natural beauty wonder”.  This meant it took zero effort on my part to look female and that my body language as well as actions were naturally feminine without the exaggeration or effort so many put into it.

I caused many sisters a good deal of jealousy.  Basically they were trying so hard and I was just a Berkeley hippie chick with a deserter boyfriend who had never been in prison.

When I started working at the office I met other girls like myself.  Early 20s, who fit in any place we went.

We weren’t chained to the Tenderloin trannie ghetto.  And no we didn’t want to drag the strange looking sisters, who we might have given sincere advice to in the office or in group sessions with us when we went out clubbing or for that matter shopping.

We wanted to be ordinary young women when we left the context of the office.

This meant we didn’t want to be glommed onto by a Mothra (A 1950  Japanese movie monster)  when we were out at a club on a Saturday night  looking to have a good time partying.

They thought we were mean.  The reality was we had our boundaries and they were the ones doing the border violations.  We showed professional empathy when it was appropriate in the context of the office but we also had our civilian lives and didn’t party with people we were counseling.

Empathy doesn’t mean lying to people to make them think something that isn’t real.  Empathy doesn’t mean letting someone make demands that are unreasonable.

4 Responses to “Limits to Empathy”

  1. Karen A Says:

    BTW you made that TT post on:
    Fri, 14 Apr 2000 20:00:25 -0700

    and were quoting Ruth(ie) and my supposed best bud at the time “Emma” 😉

    Yes I still have all the posts from back then on my computer.

    – Karen

    • Suzan Says:

      Mean Teen Queens and the Mothras was a response not a quote as I recall.

      I’ve been told that Ruth may well be Dr Richard Green’s wife. But that was a nest of vipers. A whole slew of professional transsexual haters.

  2. Karen A Says:

    You quoted Ruth and “Emma” in it.

    If you want I could Email you that post or paste it here.

    Was Green’s wife boend intersexed? If not are you saying Ruth was not born intersexed?

    IIRC last I read (It may have been someplace else besides TT) she said she was leaving her husband for a lesbian relationship IIRC.

    – Karen

    • Suzan Says:

      Every thing about the Cabal was a lie. They were a bunch of sock puppets. Ruthie was the biggest fraud of all. Kirra, Cheryl Chase, all of them were frauds.

      According to people on other lists Kiira is Denise Tree, Chase is Bo Laurent.

      Stephanie Valasquez flat out lied and couldn’t have done things when she said. Which is on advantage to knowing history.

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