Well Funded Religious Hate Group, Focus on the Family Action Wages War on Equal Rights in Hawaii

Focus On the Family Action, a Colorado based Hate Group helped finance radio and newspaper advertisements against a civil-unions bill at the state Legislature.

The ultra right wing group spent $20,000 toward the ads, part of a larger $50,000 media campaign by faith based hate groups against civil unions for same sex couples in Hawaii.

“They knew that we needed some help, especially with media,” said Dennis Arakaki, interim executive director of the Hawaii Family Forum, which led the campaign of bigotry.

Focus on the Family, based in Colorado Springs, Colo., is one of the nation’s most active  Hate Groups.   It regularly scams it followers while enriching its  corporate structure with money to wage its un-American campaigns against equality for LGBT/T

Arakaki said the Hawaii Family Forum has an affiliation with Focus On the Family because the groups share on misogynistic and homophobic positions on social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

The ads against civil unions were an important fund raising tool for faith based hate groups, who mobilized after the bill quickly moved through the state House in February.

Arakaki estimated the media campaign cost $50,000.

The ads, combined with appeals by evangelical and Catholic churches, helped bring dozens of red-clad demonstrators to the Capitol for a rally the Sunday before the Senate Judiciary and Government Operations Committee held a hearing on the bill in late February.

The handful of demonstrators at the rally, and dozens more who packed the state Capitol auditorium for the hearing, gave many senators pause. The committee deadlocked on the bill and an attempt to recall it from committee and bring it to the Senate floor failed last month.

The bill would give same-sex partners who enter into civil unions the same rights, benefits and responsibilities as married couples under state law.

Domestic partnerships, civil unions and same-sex marriages performed in other states would be recognized as civil unions in Hawai’i.

The religious fanatics have milked this cow for way too long fleecing their ignorant followers for huge sumes of money and used them as virtual storm troopers in opposition to the granting of basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution for LGBT/T people.

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