Solids, Monoforms, Normborns and Tennis.

By Sophia Siedlberg
© 22 March 2009

Published with permission

Note: “Normborm” is a term that is used to describe the sort of people who pontificate about how other people should conform to certain standards. This is not a term aimed generally at men or women but those men and women who claim they have the right to make our lives sheer hell because they were “normal born” and we by comparison were not. Please understand this before reading.

One for the Trekkies:

“It’s genetic. Our tolerance for other life forms doesn’t extend beyond the two arm, two leg variety. I hate to break it to you, but when you’re in your natural state, you’re more than our poor old genes can handle.”

I heard that when sitting here watching Star Trek Deep Space 9, It was the bar owner called Quark talking to the changeling Odo. I had noticed on a number of occasions when Star Trek DS9 was on TV that Odo and his people called “The Dominion” would often refer to other species as “Solids” or “Monoforms”, and they often used that term in pretty much the same way I use “normborns” with a sort of deep-seated suspicion of an oppressive majority who for some reason seemed to be “hostile to difference”. The scriptwriter clearly understood something of how a lot of intersex people feel about “normborns” without realizing it. The real life answer to why “normborns” are hostile to intersex people is actually not that far removed from the words of a fictional bar owner. It most probably is genetic.

It is funny how in the TV show, the words “solids” and “monoforms” are uttered in pretty much the same distrusting and angry way the word “normborn” gets uttered by some of us. And it is true that normborns do seem to have some underlying biological motivation to give us a lot of grief all the time. It is not just prejudice either. It runs a lot deeper than that. Something in the normborn mind, just like something in the mind of the fictional bar owner, sparks off this reaction of disgust and fear. What seldom gets mentioned in such fiction is the resentment and anger the target of that disgust and fear can hold towards normborns. In this episode it was, and there was a “happy ending” of sorts.

But in real life it does not work like that. Yes, there are normborns who are rational enough to see beyond the genetically pre-programmed fear reaction, but I am not convinced that the fiction is reflecting the reality of this. My distrust of normborns stems from the horrible things I have had to witness, read about or endure. Take the recent so-called “controversy” about a tennis player called Sarah Gronert. She is just a woman with XY chromosomes. She is a woman who has succeeded in her sport and people simply do not like this, not because of how she may look (She looks like most other female competitors) or how she lives her life. No, the problem seems to be that the normborns do not like this woman winning tennis tournaments because she is a woman with XY chromosomes. This makes her “genetically male” to the fetid mind of the normborn. As such, they claim that she is biologically wrong, somehow an insult to “natural women” and has an “unfair male advantage”. This is of course irrational claptrap being peddled to justify what the normborns are really thinking, which stems from the fact that they are biologically pre-programmed with hatred of anything “different”.

And this is where I choose to turn the tables. So a woman in sport is found to have XY chromosomes, it does not confer any advantage on her, nor does this fact make her less of a woman. Ah yes! “Less of a woman”, that is an interesting phrase. We are supposed to say: “We are no less than any other woman or man” in order to legitimize ourselves to a bit of hostile genetic software in the minds of normborns. And whatever sex we say we are, the normborns will invariably claim we are the opposite. And when we accept that, then the normborns will say we were the first sex again. Why? Because they are pre-programmed genetically to be bloody minded and awkward. I say this because even when there is a mountain of evidence to show that Sarah Gronert or any woman with XY chromosomes is in fact simply a woman with XY chromosomes, the awkward rut monkeys and normborns will appear saying that she is a man (You will notice it is never “intersex”, probably “DSD”, if we are lucky but never “intersex”). If she decided, “Well OK, then I am a man”, it won’t be long (After the media frenzy about that) before some normborn somewhere will start saying “This is a woman and this woman is evil and should be banned from sport”.

“It’s genetic. Our tolerance for other life forms doesn’t extend beyond the male or female variety. I hate to break it to you, but when you’re in your natural state, you’re more than our poor old genes can handle.”

I simply substituted two or three words and turned a bit of politically correct fiction to cold fact. But have the normborns ever considered the horrible possibility that some intersex people may have another instinct to draw from, called “self preservation”? I have a biologically pre-programmed and socially re-enforced hatred of normborn bullshit. OK I “pass” as a given sex, but how long will it be before we get star trek style technology and we can point a mobile phone at someone and get their karyotype? (Figure out what chromosomes they have). I would give that in 20 or so years perhaps, one of the mobile phone manufacturers will come up with a new model called “The Happy Slapper 2030” which will be designed specifically for filming some intersex person being beaten up once they are detected. Such are the machinations of normborns.

What society will not do is take the time to explain why chromosomes are not the absolute markers of sex. For example, you find “male DNA” on the allegedly female “X chromosomes”. These regions of DNA are called Male Specific Regions and every woman has two copies of them.

Well that sort of spoils the happy slapping party a bit, doesn’t it? Well no, because that is more or less common knowledge. You can look up “MSR” on Wikipedia (if James Cantor has not wiped the pages describing them). It does not take a PhD in genetics to figure out the fact that sex differentiation is more complex than chromosomes. But you will also find lots of sport officials, media hacks and harpies and a lot of religious fatalists (in other words, normborns) running around saying, “We want the happy slapper 2030 mobile phone now”, because they are not interested in learning the finer points of human biology. (Yes, I did say human biology. This is not fiction; so get a
life). All they really want to do is find something “different” and hammer something “different” because after 3.5 billon years of evolution, the genetic retards have yet to shake off the effects of “Bigot DNA”.

The bottom line regarding all this stuff about women in sport being “genetically male” is one big fat lie, and it is being repeated so often people fail to believe the obvious physical evidence. I am not being funny but Sarah Gronert does not come across to me as a man, genetic or otherwise, but because the world is fed on the misguided lie that XX and XY chromosomes determine sex, they would believe that grass is purple if someone in the press or medical profession with an agenda told them to. People who rant in the media about Sarah Gronert
being a “man” are simply sheep who cannot see reality, just the lies they are fed that play on their herding instincts (Herding instincts being another expression of bigot genes). They will be ready and willing to believe that grass is purple, the world is flat and evolution never happened if they were also given the reward they are biologically predisposed to seek, to inflict pain on another human being.

We may as well be honest here. The reason they have problems with those who attack women like Sarah Gronert, i.e., the reason they have these whipped up “controversies” is so they can find someone to use and abuse. They are genetically programmed that way. The normborn who calls Sarah Gronert a “genetic male” is by the self same logic a genetic sadist, and genetic sheep who has zero intelligence and cannot even see the obvious. Why should they? They are pitiful creatures who are genetically programmed to act like sadistic jerks.

That is a genetic normborn. Sarah is not a genetic normborn, because her sex does not accord with the lie that chromosomes solely determine sex. (Obviously they don’t).

And I suspect that being a genetic normborn is not a good thing anyway. But I define genetic normborns as retarded evolutionary mistakes, purely because of the logic these genetic normborns use. (I am defining them by their rules, not mine.) Perhaps they may grow up and realize that calling someone a “genetic anything” is only going to backfire on them if they keep peddling ignorance about “genetic sex”.

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Focus On Hatred

Upton Sinclair, a famous American muckraking journalist of the early 20th century wrote a book titled The Profits of Religion. Things haven’t changed much since then.  The slimeball, scam artists of Focus on the Family are still peddling hatred and ignorance and are using it as a scam to beg money from ignorant bigots.  This is one of their latest scary letters.  Prior to my editing the html it had a half dozen or so links in it that took you to places where these con men for Jazzus would hit up the sheeple for bucks for bigotry.

I think these so called hucksters for Jazzus should pay the same taxes on their business of hatred as say the local hardware store pays on the actual nuts and bolts they sell.

March 26, 2009

Dear Friend,

The reality of “change” has hit full-force in Washington, D.C., and in many respects, it’s a nightmare. But as bad as things are in Washington, for many pro-family Americans the greatest political danger lurks much closer to home.

From Albany to Sacramento, state capitols are the flash points for the most aggressive efforts to redefine family and “re-norm” cultural standards—all the while undermining religious freedom. And changes at the state level often cause the biggest impact in our daily lives . . . and the state of Colorado has served as a testing ground for strategy now being exported across the country.

Sex, lies and the truth: The rest of the story

I told you last summer about a new Colorado law that gave special “public accommodation” protections to people who self-identify as homosexual or “transgender.”1 I shared with you how Focus on the Family Action warned lawmakers that this legislation would reap a whirlwind of social problems. We specifically warned them that their vote for this bill would even allow men to use women’s restrooms—right alongside women and even young girls.

And, with your support, we certainly got their attention. As The Denver Post reported, “No bill this year has seen the kind of heated pre-signing attacks leveled at SB 200. Focus on the Family [Action] launched radio ads and a media campaign urging [Gov. Bill] Ritter to veto the bill.”

Unfortunately, the Democrat-controlled Legislature and governor were in no mood to listen. In fact, they forcefully denied our claims and essentially called us liars:

A Denver legislator protested that the measure “has nothing at all to do with allowing one gender in another gender’s restrooms.”

The senior staff attorney for the legislature solemnly intoned, “I do not see any basis whatever for an assertion that [the bill] requires that men be admitted to women’s bathrooms or vice versa.”

And, following an ad campaign from Focus Action, a Colorado daily newspaper editorialized: “Contrary to what a few radical interest groups have tried to lead people to believe this election year, the . . . [new law] has nothing to do with the use of public restrooms.”

Now, months later, a state agency has issued regulations to enforce the new law, and a lot of politicians and media folks are cleaning egg off their faces.

You see, a number of the new rules deal specifically with restrooms, locker rooms and other locations where “nudity is customary.” But instead of being concerned with public safety and protection of children in these vulnerable public situations, the regulations read more like social engineering that reaches far beyond the sensibilities of the average Coloradan. For instance:

“Transgender status” is defined so vaguely that only a mind-reader could know whether a man is actually “transgendered”—or if he’s really a Peeping Tom, or worse. In other words, a “transgendered” man entering a women’s restroom might display obvious signs (such as cross-dressing), or he might appear like any other man.

All businesses and most nonprofit organizations in the state are required to allow “transgendered” people—which under the vague definition could be anyone—to use whichever restroom or locker room they choose.

The rules make clear that questioning an individual about his or her gender identity “suggests discriminatory conduct”—making it virtually impossible to stop anyone from entering an opposite-sex restroom or locker room.

Not surprisingly, a number of alarming incidents have already been reported to us:

A female intern at Focus on the Family® encountered a man in a women’s restroom in a local airport.

A teen girl saw a man in a women’s restroom at a Colorado Springs-area Wal-Mart. The man then exposed his genitals to the girl.

Two teenage girls discovered a man undressing in a women’s locker room in a Denver-area fitness facility.

A mother and daughter in a Colorado mall bathroom were intruded upon by a man who spent several minutes in the bathroom.

But those will likely represent just the tip of the iceberg as this “bathroom bill” policy becomes known.

And for anyone found guilty of discrimination, the punishment is severe—not only civil and criminal fines, but also up to a year in jail. For a businessman who simply wants to uphold his religious beliefs—or for a mother trying to protect her child—that’s a stiff price to pay.

Frankly, while we have deep compassion for those who struggle with their sexual identity—and long to assist them in truth and love—there is no place for these politicians’ counterproductive, so-called “solutions” that sacrifice safety and decency in the service of political correctness.

In at least a dozen states, religious freedom is being threatened by existing “nondiscrimination” laws. From the photographer couple in New Mexico that was fined more than $6,000 for refusing to shoot a lesbian “commitment ceremony” . . . to the church camp in New Jersey that lost part of its tax-exempt status for refusing to host another “commitment ceremony” . . . the homosexual agenda is running head-on into Americans’ freedom of religion.

And in many other states—even family-friendly states like North Dakota11—similar legislation is being introduced and strongly pushed, with a big assist from friendly media. We’ve prepared a special Focus Action UpdateTM online video about several “bathroom bills” now being considered in state legislatures.

State-by-state help from Focus Action

There are numerous ways in which Focus Action is helping local leaders fight this agenda.

Every year, Focus Action engages directly in several of these state battles to help stop such legislation in its tracks. If you’ve been supporting us for any length of time, then you’ve had a part in defeating these schemes. Your support allows us to activate pro-family citizens through mailings, e-mail blasts, telephone calls and advertising campaigns.

Right now, Focus Action staff members are coordinating work with top legal scholars and attorneys to develop a menu of options that states can use to minimize the negative effects of homosexual and “transgender” rights laws on religious freedom.

More than ever, we’re proactively assisting our three dozen associated state groups to develop more vibrant and potent political operations. For example, a Colorado legislator who was a leading recipient of pro-gay funding was defeated last year, following a major media campaign by Focus Action to expose his support for the “bathroom bill.” The Denver Post” called this legislator’s defeat “a shocking upset,” but that’s what can happen when concerned citizens get engaged.

We’re also investing in major new technological and informational tools to allow our state groups to more easily adapt and implement successful lobbying strategies from state to state. In a period when donors’ dollars are often stretched thin, this is a great way to leverage limited resources and help dozens of pro-family groups at the same time. I’m very excited about this economy of scale that your support is allowing us to provide to this network of state organizations.First, I invite you to pray for Focus Action and, most of all, for our nation. The challenges that we are facing in our cultural, financial and political arenas are so enormous that we would be foolish to think that our efforts and strategies alone will be sufficient. We need God’s intervention in the affairs of men.Second, our nation didn’t get into this situation overnight, and it’s going to take a long, committed effort to get out. That’s why I’d like to invite you to team up with us as a monthly financial partner. Your regular support—whether it’s $10 a month or $100 or more—allows us to more effectively plan, budget and carry out our work for the long haul. To set up a recurring gift, select “Monthly” in the Frequency field on our online donation page.

Of course, we most certainly welcome gifts of any form right now. Between the issue battles we are facing in Washington and in state capitols, our resources have never been spread so thin. Thanks so much for remembering us and helping out as God has enabled you.

Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President
Focus on the Family Action

P.S. Thank you for your faithful partnership. Please continue to stand with us in prayer, action and financial

Swedish Same-Sex Couples Win Marriage Rights couples in Sweden will be allowed to marry as of May 1st. Following a parliamentary vote Wednesday afternoon, MPs voted by a huge majority to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in civil ceremonies. If they want to get married in a church, however, then they will have to find a vicar who will agree to marry them.

Same-sex couples have been able to become civil partners in Sweden since 1995, and the law change doesn’t automatically make them husband and husband or wife and wife, if they want to get married they will have to either have a new ceremony, or send in an application to get the partnership converted into a marriage.

The government was split on the issue with coalition partner the Christian Democrats the only party in the Swedish parliament to oppose the extension of the term ”marriage” to include non-heterosexuals. But in a free vote in parliament 261 MPs voted in favour of the reform, 22 voted no, while 16 abstained.

Religious groups in Sweden are split on the issue. Some Lutheran Church of Sweden vicars have said they will marry same-sex couples, and the church will take a common stand on the issue at a Synod in the Autumn. Roman Catholic, Muslim, and other religions have been much more sceptical to the law change in their comments. (kb)