Caroline Cossy’s “My Story”

My I’m glad I don’t live in Great Britain with its vicious tabloid press.  Even though we let the total scumbag Rupert Murdoch own US media outlets even at their most vicious they can not hold a candle to the Brit. Rags.

That said. We always face the dilemma of risking being outed if we do anything that might gain public attention.  Granted there are areas of small fame laboring in relative obscurity where we might not face the harsh glare of being exposed to having the most private details of our lives used as tabloid fodder.

But even then it takes only one malicious person from our past to expose us.

I would have thought by now that there would be so many of us that we would hardly be considered noteworthy.  But thirty years of ultra right wing corporate conservatism has formed a partnership with the patriarchal religions to force sex back into the closet again.

It isn’t only us although yeaterday I pointed out how unisex/trannies in the restroom has been used as a multipurpose scare tactic for as long as I can remember.

Female sexuality is considered dangerous and something to be controlled.  It is controlled by denial of abortion access and birth control.  It is legal to use female sexuality to sell every product under the sun but if the woman wishes to free lance and sell her actual acting out of the sex act then both the law and the morality police come down on her.

I don’t have a brain tumor but I joke about having one when certain things just make my head want to explode from their absurdity.  One such story was that of teenage girls who teased their boy friends by sending them racy cell phone pictures of themselves.  They were actually going to try these girls on charges of trafficking in child pornography.

We are a very sex phobic society.  It seems to me that we use gender instead of sex way too often when we are talking about matters more properly defined as sex.  For example, “I had a sex change operation, sex reassignment surgery.  They used the tissue from my male parts to create my female parts.  All matters of why aside, this is pretty much how many intersex matters are dealt with, the major difference being that I had the agency of being old enough and well educated enough to give informed consent to the changing of my sex.

One of the main issues of discrimination we face is that while others, “normborns’  (Thanks Sophia Siedlberg) are diagnosed as either male or female based on a quick glance at their genitals we are subjected to parsing of our sex until they find a difference that disqualifies us as female.

Chromosomes, ability to reproduce etc. etc.  And it is the same old same old.  I sometime think what threatens those enforcers of distinctions so much is that the patriarchy might crumble if people started thinking that both men and women were from Earth and neither were from Mars or Venus.

So we are stuck arguing the reality of our being with those who cite as their authority all powerful sky beings who never make mistakes, are all loving yet act with great malevolence.

Ahhh the arguments of the normborns especially when enforcing the whims of the patriarchy.

How unfortunate for her to get involved with an ineffectual little prick who played mind games on her and then dumped her.

For what it is worth the “Gender Recognition” thingie sucks almost as bad as the non-recognition.

I would say no change of birth certificate or formal recognition without actual genital sex reassignment surgery.

4 Responses to “Caroline Cossy’s “My Story””

  1. Sarah Says:

    > I would say no change of birth certificate or formal recognition without actual genital sex reassignment surgery.


  2. Evangelina Says:

    Because Dick = Male
    Vagina – Female
    It should be easy to understand dammit!

  3. Suzan Says:

    Exactly people with penises are male and people with vaginas are female. Hence birth certificates should not be change until after SRS.

    Less formal such as driver licenses perhaps after hormones and a reasonable time of living 24/7.

  4. Sarah Says:

    And so driving people with a body mapping that says secondery sexual appearence = female, bodylanguage = female, but, oops primary sexual organ = male to mutilate themselfs cause otherwise they could not live in the society as who they feel they belong too? I don’t think that is a good idea. And what drives drs to mutilate intersexual children? That there has to be clear distinction like the one you both formulated.

    Sorry, I don’t agree.

    Suzan – you wrote, after your SRS you felt finally full. For a NonOP TS the whole opposite is done when she goes through SRS.

    That is exactly the problem.
    It is right for you, it may have been right for Evangelina, and it will be right for me – it is not the same for other people.

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