Male Identified/Straight Identified

I am kind of stunned when I read the writings of women born transsexual who blame the victim in murder cases involving pre-op transsexuals by taking the side of the murderer who claims that the sister deceived him.  That is to me male identified behavior on the order of a male judge who blames the victim of rape for how she was dressed.

I have heard WBTs make just that statement regarding the case of both Gwen Araujo and Angie Zapata.  “They were asking for it!” “What did they expect, tricking men?”

As though murder or even hitting is a proper response.  It is not. Getting up and leaving is the proper response.

I would never ever vote to acquit some one using the “Transpanic” or “Gay panic” defense as I see that defense as being the equivalent of a guilty plea.

Never mind the stolen credit cards and car.

But then I am woman identified and I find male excuses for rape and the abuse of women to be inexcusable.  She did not make you hit her.  You hit her.  The way she was dress or the fact she was out did not make you rape her.  You are a rapist.  That is why you did that and if I had my way you would never ever be capable of committing that act again.

Being woman identified means putting women first and if we consider ourselves women that means including even our sisters who are still in the process of getting their SRS among those people we put first.

Now I am not straight iddentified either because to be straight identified is to believe the rules of the patriarchy which make men superior to women in every thing.  To be straight identified is to believe that what men say goes and that women are inferior to men rather than equal to men.

To be straight identified means obedience to authority and I have spent my life questioning authority.

Had I not questioned authority I would have tried a hundred different cures before accepting the reality of what I was born.

Not being straight identified I have not obeyed authority nor have I tried to live up to the stereo-typifying expectations of the doctors who tended in the early 1970s to look upon us as experiments.  Instead I have followed my own muse.  Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse as there are no guarantees when it comes to charting your own particular life course.

Therefore I take a rather dim view of those who say there is correct way to deal with the pre-conditions I was given regarding life.  Those pre-conditions for me included not only being born transsexual but being born poor and working class.  For others pre-conditions might include matters of race or culture.

I tend to view male identification when it appears in women as stemming from a sense of inferiority and representative of an unwillingness to stand up for their sisters.

It is a fool’s bargain because taking those positions merely makes one a tool of the male authority and not an equal.

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