HRC Board ENDA Policy

It’s the policy of HRC that the organization will only support an inclusive ENDA. In 2007 House leadership informed us that there were insufficient votes to pass an inclusive bill, so they decided to vote on a sexual orientation only bill. We made a one time exception to our policy in 2007 because we strongly believed that supporting this vote would do more to advance inclusive legislation. We will not support such a strategy again. We look forward to Congress sending President Obama a fully inclusive ENDA for his signature.

One Response to “HRC Board ENDA Policy”

  1. Zoe Brain Says:

    They will only support an inclusive ENDA. But they won’t oppose an exclusive one. That was their policy in 2007, and it’s their policy now.

    In 2007, they made a one-off decision, under the circumstances, to actually support an exclusive one, just this once, after first saying they’d oppose it. They don’t say they’d oppose an exclusive one now.

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