Third Class Citizens

Andrew Vachss, a militant defender of children in matters of abuse and sexual exploitation has written a series of books about a character named Burke and his family of outlaws.  Burke, who was raised by wolves and spent his childhood in institutions and his family of outcast, which include a sister go out and kill baby rapers.

Burke describes the straights of the world as citizens and by implication those who are not part of the system are non-citizens.

I was an obvious transkid in the late 1950s and 1960s at a time when I could be arrested for existing.  I was arrested several times on what we referred to as “mopery with intent to gawk” bullshit charges.  Mostly because of pigs exercising their bigotry.

I was a militant and politically aware with an outlaw mentality and the chant “No justice, no peace” carved in my soul.

Forty years later I am still angry.  Angry that we are labeled mentally ill for being born different.  Angry that transkids are still abused in school.  Angry that they are still subjected to reparative therapy.

I am saddened that people who have been outstanding employees lose their jobs when they transition or for that matter if their past comes out.  Where is the justice?

I am angry that people claiming their invisible bully in the sky tells them we should be treated like third class or non-citizens actually have their bullshit treated as credible.  I am angry that some iman in Britain can call for our stoning but that if I suggested he be kicked out of Britain, then I am a bigot.

I listen to horror stories from WBT sisters and yes my 24/7 Transgender sisters too and even some from TV cousins and I sometime wonder how people bear the lives of suffering bigotry and prejudice. Forty years have taught me that we drink, we drug, we self destruct.  Some of us suicide.  We try to assimilate or we stand up and fight.

We adopt all the survival skills of any other despised minority group.

I’ve had some straight WBTs tell me I should support their marriages before supporting same sex marriage.  But same sex marriage isn’t really same sex marriage.  What it does is make marriage available to any two adults no matter what their sex and by doing so automatically protects the marriage of a WBT to a man.

As a feminist I look at the murders of transkids and the vile accusation that they decieved the poor murderer and therefore were asking for it the same way I look at the all too common practice of justifying rape and murder of women by claiming they were asking for it through their way of dress or their being out or that they trusted the wrong man.  Wrong!  The criminal is the one who committed the crime. The victim is the victim no matter if the victim is the virgin daughter of a multi-millionaire Taliban Christian minister or a strung out on drugs street walking trannie sex worker.

I get sick of the accusations of the all knowing academics who attribute to me things I know to be false. Who then call me a liar if I dare to say, “Hey, that’s bullshit.  You pulled your so called “information” out of your ass.”  I’m sick of studies that I can tell are being taken solely to “prove” a foregone conclusion.

I am sick of being told that I want special privileges when I simply wish to be treated the same as the citizens. Anatole France said, “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor, to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread” .  It is all well and good when our needs are the same but in order for me to be treated the same as all other citizens I need some considerations of the special needs presented to me by accident of birth.

The reason I don’t just shut the fuck up and go off and live quietly is injustice and the knowledge that what evil really needs most to triumph is for people like me to stop protesting injustice.

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  1. Evangelina Says:

    As a child, I knew from my very earliest moments of self awareness that there was something different about me. What was different showed and was as plain to everyone as the nose on their face had they been aware that such things existed that is; immediate family were either too blind or ignorant that such as me existed. I was picked on unmercifully at school beaten at home and had few friends. I was seen as a quiet a studious loner for much of my life. I scared rigid the one friend I had by having the most intence “crush” on him, promptly alienating him for good.
    I took to music and theatre as a means of escape. In some ways it was my saviour and later was my curse. I had some success and breaking away from that life and that success was problematic to say the least. It was that which caused my delay in correcting nature’s error.
    What I wanted, needed more than anything, almost more than life itself was “normality” to be like everyone else to be like other women. To be a mother a wife, loving nurturing and comfortable in that being. All I need from society is the facility and and perhaps a little help and understanding to make those things possible. Skill and knowledge from medical professionals to correct and society to recognise that correction. I don’t want society’s pity, sympathy or worst of all tolerance.
    From the outset all I ever wanted was normality and through hard work and more than my fair share of heart ache and suffering that is what I have. However being the smart cookie that I am and having the experience that twenty years of torment gives you I watch my back. What I see is total maniacs and pretenders claiming to be like me campaigning for special “rights” and “privilages” on the pretence of being like me and that Suzy makes me angry because it threatens me. It threatens to destroy my credibility and it also threatens my existance. So that is why on occasions I resort to name calling and display apparent bigotry of my own. In case it is not clear I do not see you as guilty of either of those sins. Hell’s bells, someone needs to stand up and be counted and talk sense. Unfortunately the vast majority of those standing up and shouting, are spouting bullshit.

  2. Evangelina Says:

    I support “Civil Unions” for same sex couples. I believe it right and proper that a committed, gay couple should have the same protections, privilages and responsibilities as are bestowed on hetrosexual marriages.
    What I do not want to see is classic transsexual women and men denied the right to correct natures mistake and move on with their lives with a choice of whether to disclose history to a partner or anyone else within their sole control. Correcting a birth certificate and makeing that correction’s disclosure illegal provides exactly that. Anything less is not acceptable in my view.

  3. Suzan Says:

    I’m afraid sealed records aren’t going to happen in the age of total information awareness.

    From the time of of the first sonogram onward there are 1s and 0s leaving tracks and records. Perhaps if one is reassigned as an infant but after that there is always a record, always a memory.

    Look, I have a friend from high school who has known about me since about 1970. After some 41 years she got a hold of me. She knew what I had done because her mother changed my name and sex on my high school records.

    The fact that most of us are social animals and are communicating this on line. Even if one uses an alias the ISP address is always trackable.

    As for this phrase “classic transsexual”. There never has been a “classic transsexual”. There always have been different people with different histories.

    Check out “How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States” by Joanne Meyerowitz if you doubt me on that one.

    I went through the Stanford program 1971-72 with a labyaplasty in 73. For people who tell me that it was impossible for anyone who was married with children or a lesbian to get SRS at that point I say half the people going through the program were just that.

    Some think that those coming out young are always straight after SRS I knew sisters who were my age and younger who were lesbian feminists while going through the program. I was a feminist with a boyfriend and only came out as a lesbian later. In fact I am a political lesbian in that I am bisexual and choose to be lesbian.

    I went to Dr. B. He described me as one of the most perfect cases of pure transsexualism he had ever seen. I don’t have a clue what he meant except I wasn’t very sensitive to androgens and was pretty feminine physically.

    Perhaps it was because when I met him I really didn’t know any other sisters.

    But ya’ll know none of this really means shit in the long run.

  4. Suzy CC Says:

    The Unbearable Lightness of Normality,

    Having been kicked off many a forum back when I haunted such things I came to realize there truly is only one topic verboten to 99.9% of those who have changed gender, are changing gender, would like to change gender, have fantasies about changing gender, or just whack off in their wife’s panties to the idea of changing gender.. and its not stuffing oranges into ones quim as I read once of someone doing…

    No this is a far far darker and totaly evil concept, one so vile and repugnant that it cannot be uttered in the company of anyone who is “gender challenged”

    What pray tell is this penultimate darkest of thoughts?

    It’s the idea that one might enter transition with the singular goal of leaving transition an upstanding, card carrying member of the binary with all the rights, privileges, and more so, responsibilities that the binary places on all humans, albeit from the other side one entered upon.

    In other words to correct what was wrong and actually become a normal woman or man.

    Yea gods woman, Have thee lost all sense of decency? Is your moral compass that far off? Get thee hence forth to a nunnery. Oonce for the love of god pray with all your might for forgiveness for the utter blasphemy that issues from your fingertips. How dare you even hint at having once supped upon the meat of male privilege the dear reader should renounce that right and accept their fate as a reduced class of being… Gasp? You dare to suggest they accept being… A woman? Perish the thought!

    To accept their not being heard after transtion when in the company of men? To have their knowledge questioned in all matters perceived as male after transition in say such things as auto mechanics? Dare they accept a woman’s lot with less pay and a much higher performance standard than any man? Would you have them too sooth the brow of a frustrated male after a hard days work at your own job while smile nod yes dear as you cook and clean for him becasue he needs to relaxe cause he “worked” and you didn’t? and lastly, horrors of horrors; would you dare to sugest that you not only submit to being penetrated by a man but even perhaps like it?

    Heretic I say foul woman you are a Heretic! Yes indeed dear ones I am a heretic and damn proud of it. My wants are quite simple, I want to be normal in every way possible. I want to be a mother and a grandmother, I want to be a wife, I want to have deep friendships with other women who know nothing of my past medical history. I want to work twice as hard for less money (well… I really would rather be accepted as just as capable as a man on this one but the issue for me is a woman’s issue not a “trans-power issue”

    Yes sad to say… I want to suffer the unbearable lightness of normality and nothing more.

  5. Anonymous-T-Girl Says:

    i too am enjoying the Unbearable Lightness of Normality.

    i’ll be damned if i will tolerate getting less pay then men, though…

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