Stupid Trannie Tricks

Is it just me or do others find the latest “stupid trannie trick”, the one being pulled by transmen as having fully used up its 15 minutes in the spotlight and then some?

You know the one I’m talking about…

Man to give birth to twins.

As Bill Maher would say, “New Rules!”

If you take male hormones, grow a beard, have a mastectomy then go off hormones and get pregnant you aren’t a man.  The first one who did it, Patrick Claifia’s lover…  Okay..  That was a cool party trick and good for a front page on the Advocate.

Maybe even the second one.  But at this point doing the  “pregnant man” trick seems to be becoming a F to M status symbol.

Enough already.  There are already about 3 billion too many people on the planet and your DNA isn’t that special.  In fact considering what you did to get the beard you may well have increased the odds of having a kid with some sort of serious birth defect.  Doing stuff that risks having kids with serious birth defects just isn’t cool.

Besides which you make transsexuals look mentally ill at a time when we are trying to get rid of the stigma of GID.

Maybe it is time for Janice Raymond to write a sequel regarding F to Ms.

So the new rule is this.  If you are an F to M and want to be a mommie and carry a baby do it before transition.

Venezuela: Same-sex partnerships on fast track to being legally recognized, says legislator

Romelia Matute, a member of Venezuela’s National Assembly and Deputy of the Assembly’s Family Commission, has announced that the Venezuelan legislature is well on its way to approving a bill that would grant same-sex couples legal recognition, including shared patrimony and inheritance rights.

As reported on Friday in Spain’s ABC, Matute stated that “the report on the ‘Organic Bill for Gender Equality’ is almost ready for a second – and final – [legislative] debate,” adding that it would include language allowing “the union between two people of the same gender” in the form of something she called “co-inhabiting associations”.

Matute said that members of the National Assembly, a majority of whom belong to President Hugo Chávez‘ party, had met “several times” with gay rights organizations and said that it was those organizations who requested that the “co-inhabiting association” term be used.

She said that the government would recognize “the joint-living associations formed by two persons of the same gender, on mutual accord and free agreement, with the full legal and patrimonial effect”.

Matute also said that the bill would address transgender issues: “Whoever changes their gender through surgical means, or any other means, exercising their freedom, has the right to their identity, and to drafting or changing all documents associated with their identification”.

In a statement distributed today by Radio Reflejos of Venezuela – which operates an online LGBT news radio show – they call it a collective achievement for the LGBT Venezuelan movement and single out a few individuals who, they say, have attended meetings with those drafted the bill: Transgender rights activist Rummie Quintero from Transfemenina, who is said to be the first transgender person to be ever called for consultation by the National Assembly; Elena Hernaíz from the Reflejos Foundation; transgender attorney Tamara Adrian, from Diverlex (pictured right); and organizations such as Union Afirmativa, the Lesbian Feminist Collective, and others.

Interestingly, they do not mention the United Socialist Bloc for Homosexual Liberation or their leader Heisler Vaamonde, who has aligned himself with the Chávez government over the years despite few advances in LGBT rights during his decade-old rule.

The activists do urge people to contact the Deputies of the Family Commission to offer support for this initiative as it reaches the parliamentary floor for a vote. They include:

  • Marelys Pérez Marcano:
  • Flor Ríos florrios: @
  • Carmen Rodríguez Rauseo: carmenrodriguez @
  • Juan José Molina: juanmolina @
  • Diluvina Cabello: diluvinacabello @
  • Alberto Castellar: albertocastelar @

There are no specific details on when the bill might reach the floor for a vote.


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My New Moderation

If I have moderated my position all that much it is mainly to say, “Alright… Let’s treat 24/7/365 transgenders who take hormones, have FFS, mammoplasty or mastectomies, grow beards or have beards eradicated and adhere to the same behavior as expected of pre-ops in the same way we expect pre-ops to be treated.

Or allow M to Fs the same lee way as allowed F to Ms.  Not necessarily on matters such birth certificates but in matters such as driver’s licenses.  The same goes for matters like ENDA and Hate Crimes bills although I’m far more liberal on the hate crimes protections.

Working on ad hoc issues is not the same as philosophical discussion, a point I have stressed on numerous occasions.

Protecting people doesn’t mean not punishing deviant behavior.  The person who waves their dick around in the women’s room violates the basic idea behind protecting the rights of those who don’t.  You punish that person.  Think of it this way…  I was verbally abused on pretty much a constant basis by a bunch of bullies who used the phrase, “It’s a free country and I can say what I want.”  Except in doing so they were denying me my rights.

Now I received a post on TransgenderNews

It is from something called TeamTrans:
Owen just got off the phone from a conference call about the bill that’s going before the House and Senate about Gender Anti-Discrimination. (insert) The group decided in order to pass the bill for employment and housing to remove the part about Public Access
– which means that:

Transfolks can be refused entrance to their preferred restroom.

Transfolks can be refused rooms at hotels.

Transfolks can be refused the use of a changing room at a clothing store.

Transfolks can be excluded from changing/locker rooms.

Transfolks can be refused service at bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! This is a violation of basic civil rights!!! What about those folks who don’t take hormones? Who decide for whatever reason to not have surgery? Those who don’t ‘pass’? Those who do take hormones or have/had surgery and STILL don’t ‘pass’? Those who don’t identify as anything in the gender binary? What voice do they have?

You want to know where I make the dividing line?  Well here I is.  It will be a cold day in hell before I push for these folks position.

Not that they do not have the right to push for it themselves.

As for those who don’t identify with the gender binary… Life is going to be hard.  I know, I was a left wing commie hippie teen age transkid in the North Country of New York when I decided life would be better for me in either Greenwich Village or the Haight Ashbury.

They called us flower children, we called ourselves freaks and embraced being different.  Now I’m an aging old left wing woman and when I go to concerts featuring the artists of my youth the audiences are filled with people with the same history who look as middle class as I do.

Being a young outlaw is easy getting old mainstreams us in many ways.  Others who cling to that outsider status die young because it is a hard life.

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Prop 8 repeal bid begins

(San Francisco, California) A group seeking to repeal Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage in California, is expected to begin collecting signatures this week to have the measure overturned.

The Secretary of State on Friday gave the group Yes on Equality until Aug. 17 to collect the nearly 700,000 signatures needed to qualify its initiative for the 2010 ballot.

It is one of two ballot measures to repeal Prop 8. Earlier this month, two college students were given the OK to start collecting signatures for a proposed ballot measure to strike the word “marriage” from all state laws.

The measure would repeal the ban, and define domestic partnerships as unions between all couples, regardless of sexual orientation.

Prop 8 grew out of last May’s state Supreme Court ruling that opened marriage to gay and lesbian couples. It was passed by voters in November by a slim 52 percent. By that time, some 18,000 same-sex couples had wed.

The American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal and the National Center for Lesbian Rights immediately filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the vote.

Earlier this month, the California Supreme Court heard arguments in the case. The court has 90 days to issue a ruling.

A Field Poll released after the court hearing shows that prospective voters remain deeply divided over the issue of same-sex unions.

Forty-eight percent said they would vote to repeal the proposition. Forty-seven percent would vote to maintain the ban.  Five percent are undecided.

When the 3.5 percent margin of error is factored in it is a dead heat.

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