A Couple of Words in Defense of Heterosexual CDs

I have plenty of issues regarding the weekend warriors, the dress up for Tri-Ess CDs.  Some of those issues have to do with their never contributing time or money to support the transactivist but demanding that these same activists include them in any hate crimes or anti-discrimination bills.  This is even harder than including those who live 24/7/365 with procedures that change their secondary if not primary sexual characteristics.

That said…  I am more likely to think all Catholic priests are pedophiles than I am to think all CDs are.  Further I have known both fetishists and CDs and most CDs are not fetishists.  Nor are most rapists.

Labeling het CDs as nothing but perverts while possibly satisfying is the same sort of bullshit the Taliban Christers throw at us.

I started this blog to move the concept of WBT into the mainstream.  Tina and I never meant it to be the exclusive property of people to use as a club on other people who are also marginalized.

That is horizontal hostility between oppressed groups whose oppression may be different but which is none the less oppression.  Different people’s oppression should not be subject to measuring in some sort of my oppression is bigger than your oppression competition.

Just as there is too much calling of transphobia over stuff that always has been the lot of those who march to a different drummer so to there has been too much childish name calling.

The nayh, nayh, nayh prevents meaningful discourse and leads to people wasting energy engaging in in-fighting.

This is particularly disturbing at a time when getting ourselves depathologized by removing GID from the DSM is probably a more worth while endeavor.

Further we need to do something, come up with something to educate transkids to the risks so we can stop the slaughter of kids like Angie Zapata and Gwen Araujo.  Something more preventative than the Day of Remembrance or even hate crimes law.

This is not to say that probably a good many reading this aren’t already doing things to help make life better for all of us.  Lets stop getting bogged down in name calling.

Humanity should dictate gay tolerance

[This was/is notable for its usage of transsexual instead of the ubiquitous transgender.  At this point if it would hasten the death of transgender as umbrella I could handle accepting people who are on hormones with possibly other surgeries and living 24/7 but not genital surgery as non-op or top-ops etc.  Shit I already cut T to M folks that slack.  Let that group use such semantic constructs as transwomen/transmen.  I don’t particularly see this group as an enemy.  I’m far more put out by the assuming patriarchal privilege of the het CDs.

In short I consider straight men in dresses who go back to exercising their straight male privilege more of a problem than the image one presented by the “trannie” sex workers.  Blame those with power and privilege not the powerless and oppressed.]

Letter to the editor Visalia Times Delta


Humanity should dictate gay tolerance

My opinion may be somewhat slanted in that I do not understand much legalese, and I do cherish friends who happen to be homosexual. Also, I am old enough to remember the personal and societal damage of prejudices against minorities. Justification is always the same, “they (the minority) are different and therefore less than we (the majority).

” The court’s ruling last spring resulting in 18,000 same-sex marriages was based on recognizing our common humanity and equality with lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual people, and ruling the LGBT people a protected minority who must be afforded all of the majorities’ protections and privileges. Should the court uphold Proposition 8 and not allow civil marriage for same-sex couples, the state will be forced to abandon civil marriage for all people.

Under any court ruling the Bill of Rights will continue to allow religion to define marriage for their congregations

That we share a common humanity is not news for those with friends and loved ones within the LGBT community.

I am optimistic that the final outcome will reinforce our claim that we are a nation of justice and liberty for all.


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