Sometimes Transphobia is the only Suitable Term

[One problem with calling every petty slight transphobia and looking for transphobia in any one who disagrees with the transgender ideology is the over use of the term until it no longer gets taken seriously.  Then when some shit for brains impotent dick like Trevor Carey spews forth his hate and we call it transphobia we have lost a tool for labeling violence advocating hate.  Indeed I would go so far as to say Trevor is advocating and encouraging terrorism and belongs on the Southern Poverty Law Centers Hate Watch List.]

Take Action: Demand that Colorado Radio Host Trevor Carey Disavow Remarks Condoning Violence Against Transgender People

Contact: Richard Ferraro, Director of Public Relations
Phone: (646) 871-8011    Email:

Contact: Adam Bass, Media Field Strategist
Phone: (323)634-2018 Email:

In a disturbing diatribe on KNUS radio on March 14, host Trevor Carey engaged in a conversation with a caller in which both men condoned violence against transgender people, blaming slain Greeley, Colo. resident Angie Zapata, an 18-year-old transgender woman, for her own brutal murder.

(Transcript from Colorado Media Matters):

CAREY: And what the transgender segment of our society needs to be telling their type is, you don’t commit fraud because –

CALLER: No, that’s exactly what it was.

CAREY: A), you’re at least gonna get your teeth kicked in, and B) – [caller laughs] – here’s a story from Greeley that turned out very tragic, and you should pay attention to this, because –

CALLER: You know, when I was growin’ up in Greeley, I grew up in Greeley, that kind of stuff didn’t ever, you know, surface in this town. And it’s just sad, you know; my heart just weeps for all, everybody that’s concerned. But, you know, we gotta go back to basics. You’re a man or you’re a woman, and, like you said, if you’re fraudin’ somebody, then you deserve to have your teeth kicked in. Not necessarily hung or you’re killed, but it just – they shoulda known better, you know?

Carey sustained his gratuitously defamatory tone throughout the entire show, and his remarks during the segment – including a false representation of a conversation with a GLAAD representative – make it clear that his references to Angie and her tragic murder will continue to be disrespectful, abusive and inaccurate. The transcript and audio for the program can be found on the Colorado Media Matters website.

Carey owes the family of Angie Zapata, the transgender community and all Coloradans an apology for condoning and promoting the very hostile climate that puts transgender people in harm’s way and then blames them for the resulting acts of violence committed against them.

Please contact Trevor Carey and ask him to disavow his remarks that condone violence against transgender people. Call on KFKA and KNUS to hold Carey accountable for his remarks and establish clear standards to ensure their media platforms will not be used to condone or promote violence towards any parts of the communities they serve.

Please forward this link to any of your friends and others who may also wish to take action. When contacting KFKA and KNUS, please ensure that your emails and phone calls are civil and respectful and do not engage in the kind of name calling or abusive behavior that we are expressing our concerns about.

Trevor Carey
Host, KNUS, “Trevor Carey” and KFKA, “AM Colorado with Trevor, Troy and George”
Phone:  (720) 434-2714

Justin Sasso
General Manager, KFKA
Phone: (970) 356-1310

Kelly Michaels
Operations Director, Salem Communications (KNUS)
Phone: (303) 750-5687

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Problems with Gender

I have to head out to work soon.  Too soon to elaborate on the following thought from one of my favorite blogs that I read everyday “Echidine of the Snakes”.  I don’t know how I forgot to add her to my blog roll, a mistake I corrected today.

Think of the way we debate gender roles. The two end-points are often seen as someone with Talibanesque views on women on one side and someone who’d let women go out and run for the President of the United States, sure (as long as the dinner is still on the table when the hubby comes home). Well, perhaps not quite, but you get the point: There’s nary a radical feminist anywhere in sight.

More importantly, the two end-points of this opinion line are seen as ‘Kirche, Küche und Kinder’ for women, at one end, and ‘legal equality of the sexes’ at the other end. Or ‘men should dominate’ vs. ‘everybody is equal’. Note what’s missing there, as is missing from all the other debates about women’s essential nature or whatnot?

The symmetrical end-point to the view ‘men should dominate’. The effect of this one is to make ‘compromise’ appear something inbetween full equality and absolute male domination, and the effect is also to make someone like me come across as an extremist, when in fact arguing for equality should be the middle position. Don’t you think?

The problem with defining by and the overuse of gender instead of sex is that it limits women to proscribed roles and un-sexes them if they step outside those proscribed roles.  Sort of like Mick Jagger’s singing in Satisfaction “But he can’t be a man coz he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me”