Study: Trans students victimized

[This article has been amended to correct the exclusionary language usage of “transgender” when speaking of both transsexual and transgender students.]

(New York City) A new study finds transssexual and transgender youths face extremely high levels of victimization in school – even more so than their lesbian, gay and bisexual peers.

But the study, by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, also found they are more likely to speak out about LGBT/T issues in the classroom.

Called ”Harsh Realities: The Experiences of Transgender Youth in Our Nation’s Schools,” it is the first comprehensive study on transsexual and transgender students.

Nearly nine out of 10 transsexual and transgender students experienced verbal harassment at school in the past year because of their sexual orientation and gender expression, more than half experienced physical harassment because of their sexual orientation and gender expression and more than a quarter experienced physical assault because of their sexual orientation and gender expression.

The levels of victimization were higher than those faced by the non-transgender lesbian, gay and bisexual students who participated in the GLSEN ”2007 National School Climate Survey.”

“[This] demonstrates the urgent need for educators, policymakers and all who care about safe schools to address the disproportionate victimization of transsexual and transgender students and to improve the knowledge and understanding of all members of the school community about issues related to gender and gender expression,” said GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard.

“It is important to note, however, that in the face of extreme harassment, transgender students are resilient and taking the lead to bring up LGBT issues in school,” she said.

In addition to looking at comparisons between transsexual/ transgender and non-trans students, “Harsh Realities” specifically examined the experiences of the 295 transsexual/transgender students who took the ”National School Climate Survey.”

The high rate of victimization had a direct impact on school attendance and academic performance. Transsexual/transgender students who experienced high levels of harassment were more likely to miss school because they felt unsafe and had lower grade point averages than those who experienced lower levels of harassment.

Less than a fifth of transsexual/transgender students said that school staff intervened most of the time or always when hearing homophobic remarks or negative remarks about someone’s gender expression.

In addition, school staff also contributed to the harassment. A third of transsexual/transgender students heard school staff make homophobic remarks, sexist remarks and negative comments about someone’s gender expression in the past year.

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US to sign UN gay rights declaration

[This was taken from Page One Q There is one thing I really think worthy of noting.  I’ve made it Bold to make it easy for people to see.  They used the word transsexual and not transgender.]

by AP News
Sources: US to sign UN gay rights declaration
AP News
Mar 17, 2009 23:28 EST
The Obama administration will endorse a U.N. declaration calling for the worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality that then-President George W. Bush had refused to sign, The Associated Press has learned.

U.S. officials said Tuesday they had notified the declaration’s French sponsors that the administration wants to be added as a supporter. The Bush administration was criticized in December when it was the only western government that refused to sign on.

The move was made after an interagency review of the Bush administration’s position on the nonbinding document, which was signed by all 27 European Union members as well as Japan, Australia, Mexico and three dozen other countries, the officials said.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because Congress was still being notified of the decision. They said the administration had decided to sign the declaration to demonstrate that the United States supports human rights for all.

“The United States is an outspoken defender of human rights and critic of human rights abuses around the world,” said one official.

“As such, we join with the other supporters of this statement and we will continue to remind countries of the importance of respecting the human rights of all people in all appropriate international fora,” the official said.

The official added that the United States was concerned about “violence and human rights abuses against gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual individuals” and was also “troubled by the criminalization of sexual orientation in many countries.”

“In the words of the United States Supreme Court, the right to be free from criminalization on the basis of sexual orientation ‘has been accepted as an integral part of human freedom’,” the official said.

Gay rights and other groups had criticized the Bush administration when it refused to sign the declaration when it was presented at the United Nations on Dec. 19. U.S. officials said then that the U.S. opposed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation but that parts of the declaration raised legal questions that needed further review.

According to negotiators, the Bush team had concerns that those parts could commit the federal government on matters that fall under state jurisdiction. In some states, landlords and private employers are allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation; on the federal level, gays are not allowed to serve openly in the military.

It was not immediately clear on Tuesday how the Obama administration had come to a different conclusion.

When it was voted on in December, 66 of the U.N.’s 192 member countries signed the declaration — which backers called a historic step to push the General Assembly to deal more forthrightly with anti-gay discrimination.

But 70 U.N. members outlaw homosexuality — and in several, homosexual acts can be punished by execution. More than 50 nations, including members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, opposed the declaration.

Some Islamic countries said at the time that protecting sexual orientation could lead to “the social normalization and possibly the legalization of deplorable acts” such as pedophilia and incest. The declaration was also opposed by the Vatican.

Sometimes It Isn’t Transphobia

Lot of things get labeled transphobia when calling them that is pretty dubious at best.

One problem is the Transgender as umbrella puts every freak that cross dresses in the same big tent that includes post-SRS men and women as well as the 24/7/365 TG.  This includes the stubbled pancaked fetishistic het TV wanker who wants to use the ladies room because he is en femme and the sociopathic rapist.

In Western Australia a cross dresser is on trial for murdering a Chinese student (female) after his DNA was found on her shirt.  Blah, blah this is pretty smoking gun fella…  Sort of like using a murdered victums credit cards or taking their card and then trying to use the transpanic defense.

Another thing that may not be transphobia is if after transitioning you can’t find a job in your field when your field is so male dominated that only 1% of the people working in it are female.

It may not be transphobia when people look at you at the mall and laugh if you dress so odd as to be stared at when you go to a punk rock or goth concert.  Or if people go and get the store manager if you try to use the women’s rest room.

It might not be transphobia that causes the residents of an area to get pissed of if a bunch of trannies try to turn the street in front of their buildings in to a whore stroll.  Try using the sex ads instead.

It probably isn’t transphobia if the police come down on public prostitution like a ton of bricks.  Especially if they pretty much leave those working the papers alone.

I could come up with a thousand of these but mainly it comes down to this..  If you are  a person with a transprefixed word attached to you and you are publicly making an ass out of yourself screaming transphobia does not make your case.

Let’s save that one for actual transphobia that gets exercised when ever some low life scum uses the transpanic defense to try to get away with murder.  Used to often it becomes a case of “The Boy who called wolf.”