Over 6000 Hits during the First 30 Days

Well I think we were actually a few shy when the counter ticked over for the first thirty but 6K is much better than my other far more anarcho-left political Blog.

I want to thank Andrea James and the women at TS-SI for putting up links that sent me a lot of readers. Also Cathryn, Joanne and Joann for putting links on their blogs to this one.  I want to thank those of you who comment regularly and read regularly.

I think after some of the initial issues get hashed out that this blog has a lot of potential.  I have positioned it more moderately than many expect of me in part because 8 years of sobrity as well as being in a stable loving relationship has made me less angry about some things although 8 years of bat shit insane right wing politics coupled with insane religious bigotry has  maybe just shifted the direction of some of my anger.

For me this is a continuation of my personal politics that have keep me in various movements for nearly 50 years now.  Back in the early 1970s I went to work at the NTCU out of love and caring for my sisters.  I have long realized that I can be open in some spheres and not in others because even speaking at a West Hollywood Townhall meeting doesn’t bestow much fame.

Any how thank you for starting to follow this blog.


3 Responses to “Over 6000 Hits during the First 30 Days”

  1. Susanna Boudrie Says:

    It is well deserved Suzy! Congratulations!


  2. Ariablue Says:

    Nice 🙂

  3. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    Glad to hear it, Suz – we wish you the best as you get on with the project.

    You have joined the precious few sites that reside on the Sanity Island (a relative concept, that). We need more but I am certain it will come. The fetishists will hit a wall in time, while the rest of us are stuck with real life.

    What an experience! I woudn’t trade it for anything.


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