Over 6000 Hits during the First 30 Days

Well I think we were actually a few shy when the counter ticked over for the first thirty but 6K is much better than my other far more anarcho-left political Blog.

I want to thank Andrea James and the women at TS-SI for putting up links that sent me a lot of readers. Also Cathryn, Joanne and Joann for putting links on their blogs to this one.  I want to thank those of you who comment regularly and read regularly.

I think after some of the initial issues get hashed out that this blog has a lot of potential.  I have positioned it more moderately than many expect of me in part because 8 years of sobrity as well as being in a stable loving relationship has made me less angry about some things although 8 years of bat shit insane right wing politics coupled with insane religious bigotry has  maybe just shifted the direction of some of my anger.

For me this is a continuation of my personal politics that have keep me in various movements for nearly 50 years now.  Back in the early 1970s I went to work at the NTCU out of love and caring for my sisters.  I have long realized that I can be open in some spheres and not in others because even speaking at a West Hollywood Townhall meeting doesn’t bestow much fame.

Any how thank you for starting to follow this blog.


Judge tosses confession of man accused of Murdering Angie Zapata

[I am of the opinion that the transpanic or gay panic defense should be considered a guilty plea.  Further the taking of any item or money from the murdered victim or raping the murdered victim should be the special circumstances that incurs either the death penalty or the life without parole. In other words this dickwad should never ever breathe air outside of a cage.]


(Greeley, Colorado) The confession of a Colorado man who is accused of fatally battering a sex partner with a fire extinguisher after discovering she was a transgender woman, cannot be presented into evidence, a district court judge has ruled.

Allen Ray Andrade, 31, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Angie Zapata, 20. The victim’s bloodied, battered body was discovered in her apartment by her sister on July 17, 2008.

Andrade was arrested in the Denver suburb of Thornton, where he lives. Police responding to a noise complaint found him in Zapata’s 2003 PT Cruiser, which had been missing.

Under questioning, Andrade allegedly told investigators that he met Zapata through MocoSpace, a social network designed primarily for cell phone users. The two met July 15 and spent the day together. Andrade allegedly told investigators that Zapata performed oral sex on him but wouldn’t let him touch her. When he discovered she was biologically male, he killed her.

In the taped confession, he allegedly told investigators that he grabbed Zapata’s crotch area, felt male genitalia and became angry. He told investigators that he took a fire extinguisher off a shelf, struck Zapata twice in the head and thought he “killed it.”

But in a 24 page ruling, Judge Marcelo Kopcow said that Andrade’s rights had been violated because he had told police he was finished answering questions, but investigators persisted with questions leading up to the confession.

“This court finds the defendant’s statement, ‘I’m done. Yeah, I’m not talking right now’ … is a clear statement of the defendant’s request to remain silent and cut off further questioning,” Kopcow said in a written ruling.

Kopcow also told the prosecution it could not describe Andrade as a high ranking member of a gang that among other things hates gays. The judge said it was more speculative than substantive.

He did, however, allow the prosecution to present to the jury tapes of phone calls made by Andrade from jail to his girlfriend.

In one call he said he had “snapped” and that “gay things need to die.”

In ruling that the tapes could be played for the jury Kopcow said that prisoners “have little, if any, reasonable expectation of privacy while incarcerated.”

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Catholics blast ‘maltreatment’ by Connecticut legislators

Awww Break out the world’s smallest violin the Catholic Church with its Prada pump wearing Nazi pope and its pedophile priests feels put upon because it can’t rule the planet with its misogyny and other forms of faith based hate.  Not a dimes worth of difference between Christo-Fascists and Islamo-Fascists.

Tax all churches just like any other businesses.

Published on 3/12/2009
(AP) – Thousands of Roman Catholics descended on the Connecticut statehouse Wednesday, as simmering resentment over bills they consider anti-Catholic reached a boiling point with a recent legislative attempt to give parishioners more say over parish financing.The sponsors of the now-withdrawn proposal, both Catholics themselves, have received thousands of mostly angry e-mails from across the country, as well as threats on their lives, state Capitol police said.

Leaders of the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee pulled the bill from consideration Tuesday, but an estimated 3,500 people – led by the archbishop of Hartford and the bishops of Bridgeport and Hartford – rallied on the Capitol steps, demanding religious freedom.

”No other church or religion in this state is being subjected to this maltreatment,” said the Rev. Michael R. Cote, bishop of Norwich. “Today it is the Roman Catholic Church. Who will be next?”

Some of the estimated 1.3 million Catholics in Connecticut – a state of 3.5 million – are angry about the General Assembly legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples and the state Supreme Court later approving gay marriage, as well as lawmakers approving millions of dollars in state funding for embryonic stem cell research and considering legislation that bans discrimination against transgendered people.

State Rep. T.R. Rowe, R-Trumbull, a Roman Catholic, said many of the faithful feel the latest bill is “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

The newest bill would have changed a little-known 1866 law that sets out rules for religious corporations.

Under the proposal, each individual church’s board would include seven to 13 lay members, giving them the power to control parish finances. The archbishop or bishop of the diocese would serve on the board but could not vote on issues.

Currently individual Roman Catholic churches in Connecticut organize as corporations and file with the state. The archbishop or bishop, the vicar-general of the diocese, the pastor of the congregation and two lay members – appointed annually by the bishop – form the boards for each parish and handle most of its financial matters.

Roman Catholics embrace an apostolic faith, where the spiritual authority stems from its leaders, including the pope, cardinals and bishops.

”This particular bill, Senate Bill 1098, is just outrageous,” said Michael Culhane, executive director of the Connecticut Catholic Conference. “It is a major attack on the foundation and structure of the Catholic Church. It’s anti-Catholic in our view.”

Rep. Michael Lawlor, D-East Haven, co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said he agrees with the protesters that the government should not intrude on religion, and questions whether the 1866 law – which he said he didn’t know about – is even constitutional.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will be asked to review the matter and help lawmakers determine whether the old law should be scrapped – a move the bishops oppose. Blumenthal has said he has constitutional concerns with the old law.

”I think the existence of that statute came as a shock to everybody,” Lawlor said.

A group of parishioners, upset about recent cases of priests accused of embezzling large sums from parishes in Darien and Greenwich, had asked the Judiciary Committee leaders to raise a bill this session to require more lay people on these boards.

In December 2007, the Rev. Michael Jude Fay of Darien was sentenced to 37 months in prison for stealing about $1.3 million from his parish to support a luxurious lifestyle.

Last year, the former pastor of St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Greenwich, the Rev. Michael Moynihan, was forced to resign from the church amid allegations of financial mismanagement, including claims he kept two bank accounts secret from the diocese. An audit showed $400,000 was missing.

Lawlor and Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, who raised the bill at the request of the parishioners, are now facing the brunt of Catholics’ anger over the legislation. When their names were mentioned at the rally, the crowd erupted in a roar of boos and chants.

One woman held a sign that read: “Sen. McDonald, Rep. Michael Lawlor, we are praying for your conversion. Jesus loves you. Love him back.”

Capitol Police Chief Michael J. Fallon said his department is investigating at least one credible death threat against the lawmakers. Both Lawlor and McDonald have received thousands of angry e-mails.

McDonald issued a statement Wednesday saying he never intended to offend anyone of faith or any of the responsible parish corporations.

”My only goal was to try my best to represent the concerns of my constituents, some of whom were the victims of fraud,” he said. “I regret that in my pursuit of their interests, I failed to appreciate and invite into discussion early on the views of other, equally concerned Catholics.”

Republican lawmakers organized their own informational forum Wednesday so people could voice concerns about the legislation, which could be revived in future sessions. Kathleen Welch of New London planned to testify.

Welch said there’s a bias against Catholics in the General Assembly, especially among those who back same-sex marriage.

”The bills are oriented to kind of subvert the will of the people and sometimes attack the church, particularly the Catholic Church,” she said. “I think (the religious corporations bill) was the final straw and people are just tired of being barraged with anti-family legislation.”

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Raymond & Bindel

Fleur Black brings up Raymond and Bindel.

Being American I’m more familar with Raymond first hand than with Bindel (who I tend to confuse with a woman who used to write for New Music Express).

A few months back I read a book that was a few years old called “I Used to be Nice” by Sue O’Sullivan who gives me the impression that the feminist anti trans faction in Britian like in the US was just a faction and not the entire movement.

I was in Los Angeles and was involved in the Women’s Building when Raymond first started her bullshit.  I wasn’t the only WBT involved in feminism and I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t trashed.  Indeed most of us weren’t trashed even when people knew our history.

I started out involved in the New Left during the 1960s, had co-run the NTCU in the early 1970s and was known up and down the West Coast as a result of Gay/Lesbian Conferences and speaking at the LA 1974 Pride Day.  But as a member of the feminist community I never made a big deal of my history, a sort of don’t ask and I won’t tell.

About the time the trashing of Sandy Stone happened an article by Raymond came out in a feminist publication  (Chrysalis). It was juxtaposed next to a photo essay of the trans group run by Carol Katz (Sister Mary Elizabeth) and Jude Patton (The place I first heard the term transgender used in conjunction with non-ops).  Much to the consternation of myself and another sister who also was involve in the Women’s Building there were photos of us in the Essay.

I had just started working as a photographer and production artist for “The Lesbian Tide” around that time.  We had two feminist news papers in LA.  The Tide and Sisters.  Sisterswas the one that ran the letter by the mentally ill Angela Douglas that actually caused us more problems than Raymond.

This brings us to “Trashing” during 1970s.  Often times people who got trashed were those who started to rise to leadership roles by working harder than and being the most dedicated.  Trashing was a use of personal attacks on the part of people to call attention to themselves and gain power with out doing the work.

Second Wave feminism didn’t handle the matters of class and race privilege very well.  The idea that women were all the same class was a fiction that just didn’t work. When lower class women managed to work their way into positions of authority over those who were more privileged based on class personal attacks were used to put them in their place.

Thus those who worked the hardest were often those who were trashed.  This was absolutely true in the case of the two WBTs who were trashed in the California feminist movement.

Now something slightly different happened in the 1990s regarding the Michigan Women’s Music Festival in that one of the major figures leading the attacks on WBTs was herself WBT and wanted to throw any suspicion that she might be on to others by leading the attacks.

Again this gets balanced out by many feminists being on our side just as the other women of the Tide and the Women’s Building stood by me and I never heard boo.

BTW a few years ago when a cabal of BB&L supporters were attacking the Trans-theory mailing list I looked at Amazon for another of Raymond’s books and discovered that those who bought Raymond’s book “A Passion for Friends” also tended to by books regarding transsexual and transgender.

This brings me back to something my mommie told me when I was a little kid, “If you keep picking the goddamned scab that scrape will never heal!”