Often times the general gist of mailing lists, Blogs and web sites that bring people together based on a relationship with a trans prefixed word seem so focused on subjects related to that word that they seem to preclude almost all other topics.

Many of us have far more interesting lives than that narrow focus creates the impression of our having.

For example interest in music, literature, the arts.  Some of us run 5ks on up to marathons. Others do yoga and are into natural foods and living green.

Many of us enjoy certain movies and performers.

I just spent my tax return on a lens for my camera and bought an Epson 1400 printer.  I’ve been doing photography seriously for some 35 years.

Between work and suddenly getting the rain we didn’t get all winter we put off going to see The Watchmen at an IMax theater but see it we will.  A sister turned us onto the graphic novel as well as the seriees The Invisibles after we loved V for Vendetta.

Common interests are the things of long term friendships that bind after the transitory glue of friendships formed because sharing the process.

Shared interests are a reason to call and gossip, to keep contact and avoid becoming isolated.

Interests give our lives meanings beyond work and dealing with problems.

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