Chrysalis asked, “What is the objection to GID being in the DSM?”

First  it might be helpful for you to realize that people like me never had GID because it hadn’t been invented when we went through the process.

GID came in to being about the same time as the rise of Ronald Reagan and the right wing/Christian Coalition and it has as dark and dirty a history as the rise of the ultra right.

Before the socal construction of GID we were simply transsexual then in the late 1970s we were subjected to several dubious studies that were written in such a way as to give us positive points if we mirrored the feminine mystique role of women in the 1950s and to treat us as deviant if we were more attuned to the questioning of those stereotypes the way women were in the 1970s.

The other aspect that wasn’t taken into account was that many of us had been raised by wolves, having been thrown out of our homes and had serious histories of abuse, physical, emotional and often sexual.

SRS was deemed a failure when it didn’t turn us into straight house wives and left us the same raised by wovles people only female.

People like Zucker, Money, McHugh, Raymond, Meyers and others who had written books calling transsexualism psychological had a major stake in the game.

But it is also important to remember the reactionarism of the era.  Feminism was being beaten back and you had the styart of the push back against the lesbian and gay movements in the person of Anita Bryant and in California John Briggs.

Surgeons needed something to justify continuing SRS and so they form the HB Standards of Care (Dr. B. was actually still alive) and used GID and psychiatric therapy as the price to continue SRS.

But it was always sort of a fraud since GID isn’t real and instead of treating people for something that doesn’t exist it was better to assess them to make sure they were sane and capable of making the decision to get SRS.

At this point GID is an anachronism that has out lived its value and shelf life.

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  1. Evangelina Says:

    All my life I was quite certain I am female. There was never any doubt about that. I tried for a time to conform to parental and social pressures to conform to that “thing” down there but of course it did not work. So I fail to see how it can be construed that my sex was confused. It was the body that was wrong and out of sync. In my mind I never had any doubt. It was the world that confused me and brought on dysphoria not my mind. Still, since the doctors were all men, how could they possibly be wrong. We all know men are never wrong about anything don’t we girls? Yeah right!

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