Want to Really Torture Your Transkid? Ask Amber@Taliban Christian.ORG

Hi Amber,
I’d only just found your work on ChristWire and I was wondering if you could assist me with a question.

I have a son who has ‘come out’ to us as transgender, believing that he is a ‘girl trapped in a boy’s body’. Granted, my wife and I have been trying to give this very serious thought as to what has happened to cause our son to think this.

We have been doing our best to raise him under the Lord, and he says he still loves God. Can you offer any advice on what I can do to help him? Do we help our son become our daughter? Signed, Confused in CA

Dear Confused,
I truly sympathize for you and your wife, as you have a tough task ahead of you in correcting the errant thoughts of your sin-child.

Your son’s desire to be a girl is very unnatural, and scripture warns us it is also an abomination to natural order. The inclination of homosexuality is not genetic, but a choice one makes in life.

As a father, it is your responsibility to help your teen make the right choices in life. You need to let your son know that his desire to be a girl is disgusting and an offense.Do not be soft with him, as a boy in his position needs very stern guiding.

Your son’s gender confusion could be the result of being exposed to homosexual media on television, peers at school or even a way of trying to ‘gain your attention’, as teens tend to do.

Your son must understand that he cannot love the Lord as he claims and want to be gay or transgender. Such a choice in life gateways into a lifestyle of sin and immoral fornication, the implications of which he cannot imagine.

So sit down and tell your son ‘No’ to his desire to be gay, just as if he asked you if it was ‘ok to do cocaine’. This is all the same, and when you’re sitting with your son pray for his mind, so that he can be delivered from this strange perversion. You and your wife should also consider speaking to your clergy about good psychologists in your area, as your son’s mental condition may have been caused by some guilt or psychological trauma he’s hiding from you.

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