Bitter Old Woman


I just love some of the personal attacks that have been leveled at me over the years.  Especially when I dig around and find they are being hurled by some people who couldn’t walk into the store where I work without my fellow workers saying something like “Poor thing”.

These sorts of attacks started way back when I worked for the NTCU when a very strange nutcase, Angela Douglas started making all sorts of bizarre claims about our organization as well as Jan Maxwell and myself.  One was that we were working for the police and were major drug dealers.  Odd since we were living on air, student loans, multiple jobs and I was doing sex work in Berkeley.  But as usual the charges don’t have to make sense to hurt because their purpose is to shut up the person they are hurled at.

For the record I am 61 years old currently.  That makes me old in terms of having out lived all the people I knew in the 1970s who were real transgenders (i.e. lived as women with hormones and feminizing surgery but no SRS).  You see I was never into downers or opiate classes of drugs and I got clean some 21 years ago of things like uppers and coke.  Hell I even stopped buying pot in 1988.

I preached safe sex because I lived in the Bay Area in the early 1980s when AIDS devastated the city like the Plague.

I’m also old in that I haven’t had health insurance for most of my life and have often been dependent on free clinics.

Ironically I have been called an elitist by many.

What amuses me most about some of the charges leveled against me by some of the folks who hurl them is how misogynistic they are.  I shake my head and think, “These people claim to be woman identified.” I work with women and even non-feminist women show more caring and willingness to give a hand up to a woman they consider competent and good hearted than do some of the strange ones on the fringe of the transgender community.

Actually the “bitter old woman” bit is leveled against women who have the guts to stand up for what they believe in.

Yesterday I said “buh bye” to a commenter I decided was a troll.  Before I did so I tracked down a bit of info and discovered she had also attacked a list I co-founded with my life partner.  I also found out other things about her that caused me to decide I wasn’t going to let her disrupt what is a relatively new blog.

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