Pro Trannie

Nice going Sueann.

When I think of a “pro trannie” I think of a sex worker who either plies her trade in the classified ads of the Alternative Press or on a street corner in an area commonly known as “The Whore Stroll”.

Now as many bones as I might have to pick with even Transgender Activists like Monica Helms and Autumn Sandeen I would not personally attack them like that.  Indeed I have at times exchanged private e-mails with people I have serious disagreements with.  Transgender Activists with whom I share a concern with when it comes to getting hate crimes laws passed for one example.

I hear people who often are doing far less good than others snipe at them and whip out that bullshit line like the religious right whips out their Bibles and it so totally back fires on you.

It makes me think far more highly of Lynn, Andrea and Calpurnia and far less of you.

You have damaged your own credibility almost irrepairably with me.

As for slamming Shere Hite… I’m a second wave feminist and think very highly of most women involved in Second Wave feminism asI was part of that movement.

So you are just racking up negative points with me.

For What it is Worth.  The “Pro Trannie” or “Professional Transsexual” has been one of the most absolutely oppressive pieces of bullshit ever laid on sisters who have had the courage to speak out.

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