Generation Diva: How our obsession with beauty is changing our kids.

[Along with the growth of “gender” as a replacement for sex, something that can be determined by a quick glance between the legs. I have noticed a corpotate exploitation boom in marketing aimed at gender insecurity.  We are raising a generation of spoiled insufferable brats who all think they are special.  The boys have to be he-men super atheletes and future masters of the universe.  The girls are all spoiled princesses an4 year old wannabee Hannah Montanas.

Only social failures, i.e. nerds actually want to know things or have ambitions to be something other than rich consumers.]

Jessica Bennett


There’s a scene in “Toddlers & Tiaras,” the TLC reality series, where 2-year-old Marleigh is perched in front of a mirror, smothering her face with blush and lipstick. She giggles as her mother attempts to hold the squealing toddler still, lathering her legs with self-tanner. “Marleigh loves to get tan,” her mom says, as the girl presses her face against the mirror.

Marleigh is one of many pageant girls on the show, egged on by obsessive mothers who train their tots to strut and swagger, flip their hair and pout their lips. I watch, mesmerized by the freakishness of it all, but wonder how different Marleigh is from average girls all across America. On a recent Sunday in Brooklyn, I stumble into a spa that brands itself for the 0 to 12 set, full of tweens getting facialed and glossed, hands and feet outstretched for manis and pedis. “The girls just love it,” says Daria Einhorn, the 21-year-old spa owner, who was inspired by watching her 5-year-old niece play with toy beauty kits.

Sounds extreme? Maybe. But this, my friends, is the new normal: a generation that primps and dyes and pulls and shapes, younger and with more vigor. Girls today are salon vets before they enter elementary school. Forget having mom trim your bangs, fourth graders are in the market for lush $50 haircuts; by the time they hit high school, $150 highlights are standard. Five-year-olds have spa days and pedicure parties. And instead of shaving their legs the old-fashioned way—with a 99-cent drugstore razor—teens get laser hair removal, the most common cosmetic procedure of that age group. If these trends continue, by the time your tween hits the Botox years, she’ll have spent thousands on the beauty treatments once reserved for the “Beverly Hills, 90210” set, not junior highs in Madison, Wis.

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Caroline Cossy’s “My Story”

My I’m glad I don’t live in Great Britain with its vicious tabloid press.  Even though we let the total scumbag Rupert Murdoch own US media outlets even at their most vicious they can not hold a candle to the Brit. Rags.

That said. We always face the dilemma of risking being outed if we do anything that might gain public attention.  Granted there are areas of small fame laboring in relative obscurity where we might not face the harsh glare of being exposed to having the most private details of our lives used as tabloid fodder.

But even then it takes only one malicious person from our past to expose us.

I would have thought by now that there would be so many of us that we would hardly be considered noteworthy.  But thirty years of ultra right wing corporate conservatism has formed a partnership with the patriarchal religions to force sex back into the closet again.

It isn’t only us although yeaterday I pointed out how unisex/trannies in the restroom has been used as a multipurpose scare tactic for as long as I can remember.

Female sexuality is considered dangerous and something to be controlled.  It is controlled by denial of abortion access and birth control.  It is legal to use female sexuality to sell every product under the sun but if the woman wishes to free lance and sell her actual acting out of the sex act then both the law and the morality police come down on her.

I don’t have a brain tumor but I joke about having one when certain things just make my head want to explode from their absurdity.  One such story was that of teenage girls who teased their boy friends by sending them racy cell phone pictures of themselves.  They were actually going to try these girls on charges of trafficking in child pornography.

We are a very sex phobic society.  It seems to me that we use gender instead of sex way too often when we are talking about matters more properly defined as sex.  For example, “I had a sex change operation, sex reassignment surgery.  They used the tissue from my male parts to create my female parts.  All matters of why aside, this is pretty much how many intersex matters are dealt with, the major difference being that I had the agency of being old enough and well educated enough to give informed consent to the changing of my sex.

One of the main issues of discrimination we face is that while others, “normborns’  (Thanks Sophia Siedlberg) are diagnosed as either male or female based on a quick glance at their genitals we are subjected to parsing of our sex until they find a difference that disqualifies us as female.

Chromosomes, ability to reproduce etc. etc.  And it is the same old same old.  I sometime think what threatens those enforcers of distinctions so much is that the patriarchy might crumble if people started thinking that both men and women were from Earth and neither were from Mars or Venus.

So we are stuck arguing the reality of our being with those who cite as their authority all powerful sky beings who never make mistakes, are all loving yet act with great malevolence.

Ahhh the arguments of the normborns especially when enforcing the whims of the patriarchy.

How unfortunate for her to get involved with an ineffectual little prick who played mind games on her and then dumped her.

For what it is worth the “Gender Recognition” thingie sucks almost as bad as the non-recognition.

I would say no change of birth certificate or formal recognition without actual genital sex reassignment surgery.

Will the California Supreme Court strike down Prop 8, or “willy-nilly disregard” its duty?

, Freedom to Marry

If the March 5 oral argument before the California Supreme Court was any guide (which oral argument isn’t always), Chief Justice Ronald George may be on the verge of making a terrible, heartbreaking mistake.

The Court is due to rule soon on a set of challenges to Proposition 8, the November ballot-measure that stripped the freedom to marry away from committed same-sex couples. The challenges are supported by preeminent African-American, Hispanic, and Asian/Pacific civil rights organizations; cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles; teachers and child-welfare professionals; religious leaders; businesses and labor unions; and advocates for same-sex couples and their families. All of them have asked the Court to uphold the bedrock principle of American constitutional government that a simple majority may not selectively vote away a fundamental right from a minority targeted for invidious, suspect reasons.

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West Virginia rejects anti-gay amendment

(Charleston, West Virginia) A bid to advance an amendment to West Virginia’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage has failed.

Republicans and social conservatives had pushed the amendment, but it languished in a House committee.

Monday, Republican delegates attempted to drive the bill directly to the floor for a vote.  The bid failed 67-30 along party lines.

Amending the West Virginia constitution requires approval of the legislature and a vote by the electorate.

Earlier this month, the conservative Family Policy Council began a telemarketing campaign accusing two lawmakers – Delegates Carrie Webster and Barbara Fleischauer – of blocking a vote on the measure.

Webster and Fleischauer called the move “intimidation.” The bill was tied up in the House Committee on Constitutional Revision, which Fleischauer heads. If approved there, it would have gone to the House Judiciary committee headed by Webster..

Last year, the Family Policy Council unsuccessfully attempted to pressure Gov. Joe Manchin to recall the legislature to pass the proposed amendment. The measure was added to the legislature’s agenda this session.

West Virginia has had marriage law since 2000. But amendment supporters say it doesn’t go far enough and could be challenged in court.

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Christian Fundamentalist Group Preaches Patriarchy and Women’s Fertility as Weapons for Spiritual Warfare

By Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash
Posted on March 30, 2009, Printed on March 30, 2009

When Americans think of patriarchal societies, female submission, or extreme gender inequality based on religious teachings, visions of Muslim women in burkas or Hindus in poorly arranged marriages may come to mind. The reality, though, is that a growing number of American Christian fundamentalists also have rejected feminism and egalitarianism, embracing instead male dominance and what they call the “Quiverfull” belief system. Picture the Massachusetts Bay Colonies before Hester Prynne‘s day. The women in such communities live within a stringently enforced doctrine of wifely submission and male “headship,” including a selfless acceptance of possibly constant pregnancies and as many children under foot as God might bring. They reject not only “reproductive rights” of any kind, but also higher education and workforce participation for women.

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New Hampshire House Rejects Bill to Protect Transgender People from Discrimination

Fear mongering ultra right wing Republicans whipped out their tired argument that protecting transgender people from discrimination would lead to women being raped in the restroom.

Opponents, led by the Republican Party, used the same tactic that they used to successfully defeat the Equal Rights Amendment in the late 1970s changing their framing from the fear of “Unisex Restrooms” which have become a reality on airplanes and in homes across America, with the argument  it would open all bathrooms to men and women.

Supporters argued transgender individuals are using the bathrooms now and needed the job protections the bill would provide.

The House voted 181-149 to kill the bill.

Thirteen states, the District of Columbia and 93 cities and counties have laws banning discrimination on transgender status according to the Transgender Law Policy Institute.

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Male Identified/Straight Identified

I am kind of stunned when I read the writings of women born transsexual who blame the victim in murder cases involving pre-op transsexuals by taking the side of the murderer who claims that the sister deceived him.  That is to me male identified behavior on the order of a male judge who blames the victim of rape for how she was dressed.

I have heard WBTs make just that statement regarding the case of both Gwen Araujo and Angie Zapata.  “They were asking for it!” “What did they expect, tricking men?”

As though murder or even hitting is a proper response.  It is not. Getting up and leaving is the proper response.

I would never ever vote to acquit some one using the “Transpanic” or “Gay panic” defense as I see that defense as being the equivalent of a guilty plea.

Never mind the stolen credit cards and car.

But then I am woman identified and I find male excuses for rape and the abuse of women to be inexcusable.  She did not make you hit her.  You hit her.  The way she was dress or the fact she was out did not make you rape her.  You are a rapist.  That is why you did that and if I had my way you would never ever be capable of committing that act again.

Being woman identified means putting women first and if we consider ourselves women that means including even our sisters who are still in the process of getting their SRS among those people we put first.

Now I am not straight iddentified either because to be straight identified is to believe the rules of the patriarchy which make men superior to women in every thing.  To be straight identified is to believe that what men say goes and that women are inferior to men rather than equal to men.

To be straight identified means obedience to authority and I have spent my life questioning authority.

Had I not questioned authority I would have tried a hundred different cures before accepting the reality of what I was born.

Not being straight identified I have not obeyed authority nor have I tried to live up to the stereo-typifying expectations of the doctors who tended in the early 1970s to look upon us as experiments.  Instead I have followed my own muse.  Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse as there are no guarantees when it comes to charting your own particular life course.

Therefore I take a rather dim view of those who say there is correct way to deal with the pre-conditions I was given regarding life.  Those pre-conditions for me included not only being born transsexual but being born poor and working class.  For others pre-conditions might include matters of race or culture.

I tend to view male identification when it appears in women as stemming from a sense of inferiority and representative of an unwillingness to stand up for their sisters.

It is a fool’s bargain because taking those positions merely makes one a tool of the male authority and not an equal.

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