Some of us like men

One of the things that struck me as a tad different between my life experiences of the 60s and 70s vs the on line transgender world was how everyone considered themselves lesbians.  Even part time cross dressers in heterosexually privileged married lives. I found that one to be a sort of flaunting of heterosexual privilege given how same sex marriage is only possible in two states at this point.

Now in the name of openness and accuracy I am life partnered with a sister who is also WBT so I am not casting stones or aspersions regarding same sex attraction among WBTs.

Some times I feel like I’m one of the few sisters on line who has had seriously lustful relationships with men that have caused me to wander around well satisfied and so in love singing the Laura Nyro song, The Confession.

My first serious relationship was with a man.  Over my lifetime I’ve had relationships with both men and women.

Where are the WBTs on the Internet who are in relationships with men?

Or even those like myself who will even own up to being bisexual in orientation?

Part of why I had sex reassignment surgery was so I would be female and able to make love as a female whether that meant letting a man enter my pussy or to stick my own fingers in my pussy or to be female in a relationship with another woman.

Why is it taboo to own up to being sexual and to admit to liking being penetrated in the act of sex.

There is something neutered about making everything about gender.   It is as though we are appealing to those who want us to be asexual rather than experiencing female sexuality.

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  1. Catherine Says:

    Well.. I guess I’m one of those who who can happily admit to being bi-sexual. I was married (to a man) for a number of years until I was ‘outed’ and his ego couldn’t get over it. I’m now happily married to a woman for the last ten years. Considering my past, I sort of moved beyond judging a person by their gender when it comes to a relationship.

  2. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    Count me as bisexual. My primary prientation is toward other females, but there are men who give me a major buzz.

    I, too, am life partnered with a woman now and quite loyal to her, but bzzzzzz.

  3. catkisser Says:

    Count me as bi-sexual as well. I am strongly drawn to what I call “gentle male energy” meaning I can be just as turned on by a butch woman as I can be by a man.

  4. SA-ET Says:

    Where are the WBTs on the Internet who are in relationships with men?

    Well, I’m one.

    By the way, nice blog…is good to see a blog that remembers what it used to be like before the cat got out of the bag.

  5. Evangelina Carters Says:

    We are around and I personally know several. Personally I have been in a few relationships with men, a few knew most did not. Currently no-one knows especially my husband of 13 years. Why should I burdon him with something now irelevant.
    One point; “Transgender” transition, HBS (WBT) Correct. We do not go anywhere we were not already.

  6. Suzan Says:

    “Transition” was not how I described what I did in 1969.

    I “came out”, that is to say I told my friends, sought out a doctor and over the course of the next 3 months started living full time as a woman.

    I don’t think “transition” is as much a transgender term as it is a description of the process for those who come out later in life.

    Maybe I’ll ponder this on and write more about it.

  7. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    I think “transition” has more less to do with what time of life someone comes out and more to do with the imposition of access standards over time.

    Many of us refer to transition because it is an imposed requirement to access services, unlike the general situation earlier on.

    There are exceptions, of course; I am referring to the general pattern.

  8. Joanne Says:

    “There is something neutered about making everything about gender. It is as though we are appealing to those who want us to be asexual rather than experiencing female sexuality.”

    Its neutering in another sense too. Because it denies what we can become. Containing us forever in the “your still what you were” world. Most HBS born leave that world behind.

    For me transgender subsumes all that we can be, substituting ‘biology is destiny’ for the reality of our lived experience.

    Thanks for a great blog.

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