Gender Blah, Blah, Blah

I started hormones and all just about 40 years ago.  People’s Park in May caused me to put off going full time for about a month.  At that point  my boobs were pretty obvious and  couldn’t pull off androgynous baby butch anymore.

It just so happened that Women’s Liberation was hitting Berkeley big time.

And for the next dozen or so years “sex roles” not “gender roles” were a major topic for many serious consciousness raising sessions.

Yesterday I wrote of contradictions.  Here’s one I was what sisters called a “Natural Beauty Wonder” and yet I cared more for militant left wing and feminist politics than I did for glamor at a time when many of my equally beautiful sisters couldn’t fathom my blase attitude towards expensive glamorous clothes and expensive jewelry.

I considered them hung up not in gender but stereotypical sex role behavior.

Mostly before I hit the Stanford Clinic if I though of gender it was in terms of Latin, French and Spanish nouns having masculine or feminine genders.

When I wrote a paper for a feminist psych class I called the sense of self as male or female “core gender identity” but now I think I sould have chosen “core sex identity” instead.

I find placing so much importance upon gender tends to reinforce stereotypical sex roles for men and women and I consider that rather reactionary.

I know too many gay men who are feminine and still men, too many butch dykes who are still women not to see through “gender”.

Classifying someone as male because of how they, dress, act or their career tends to support male supremacy since those jobs in life tend to carry more authority and pay better than the roles designated as being the spheres of women.

I don’t base my being a woman on gender or adherence to either gender or sex roles.  I base it on being an adult female albeit one with an atypical medical history.

Perhaps it is because I went rather seamlessly from transkid to the process of changing sex and surgery and have spent the last 37 years of my life as female that I don’t get the whole thing about “gender”.

“Gender Identity Disorder” wasn’t invented when I got SRS, hell “Gender Dysphoria” didn’t come along until I was a couple of years post-SRS.

My peers joke about passing the doctor’s hard on test. Meaning all the rest of the screening was moot if we gave the Doctor an erection.

I read some of the stuff today and it seems as though there are thousands of pages of blah, blah, blah trying to rationalize something we got across with a wiggle in our walk and a giggle in our talk.

I’m reading Aleshia Brevard’s Biography, “The Woman I was not Born to Be”.  She got her SRS 10 years before I did yet much of her language for describing what she felt and her process is closer to my life experiences and reality than what I hear from non-op transgenders of today.

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