One of the people viewing this Blog found my use of the term queen offensive and called me out on it.

To me it seems almost as though when people who were heterosexual cross dressers became transgender and started to demand a T stuck on to the L & G that there was a near simultaneous erasing of those people who lived 24/7 as women in the days when that meant risking arrest simply for existing.

From my point of view there has always seemed to be a shade of heterosexism in the claims of certain people who wear the label of transgender + lesbian, especially when some of those who wear that label look down on two sisters who get together.

But that aside I considered myself a teen queen long before the term transkid existed.

In 1967 a drag pagaent in New York City was filmed and made into a movie starring Rachael Harlow called “The Queen”.  I saw it a year or so later.

Some of us were queens because we were figuring out how to get hormones and sex change operations at a time when we knew about Dr. Benjamin’s book but could not obtain a copy.

Others of us were queens because after we became throwaway or runaway kids we were raised by wolves and hustling was the only way to survive.

The queens who fought the police at Compton’s Cafeteria in the Tenderloin of San Francisco 1966 called themselves queens as did those who fought during the three nights of the Stonewall Rebellion.

They were more my sisters than were those who came out through Tri-Ess and were horrified by our anarchic sexuality.

We partied together and over the years I cried when I learned they had passed away.

I used to feel closer to them than I did toward people who came out in their mid-life after heterosexual marriage and becoming a parent although those that I knew from 1970s Hollywood are now deceased.  Hard lives, lived fast.

Now many of the sisters I know have come out later and I can see more sameness than I could see in the 1970s.

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  1. jen Says:

    althought I came to the gay queen scene many years after transition, Ive never felt the same divide that alot of people think of between the girls who came up through the bar scene and those who came up other ways. Yet the devide exists, and when I try to get kids out and about and tell them to hit the gay bars, it’s like i’m asking them to suck on a lemon.
    the canyon exists with each side looking down on the other.

    To me it’s always been, you take what path is available to you, to get to the goal you seek

  2. Suzan Says:

    Gay bars are different now. I think it is better for kids to assimilate into thestraight kid world.

    Gay bars are for gay men. I figured out pretty quickly way back when that I didn’t have anything to offer a gay man. They want another man not some one who is a girl in bed and in the streets.

    As for trannie bars. I’ve been in more than a few over the many years. Other than a few self policed show bars most of them have been hustle bars.

    Picking up guys in hustle bars is sort of one step less dangerous than working the streets.

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