Don’t Call me Transgender

I am not part of the Transgender Community.

I am not part of some transgender activist’s ratty assed umbrella.  So don’t call me transgender.  Calling me transgender is an insult.

This is particularly true since the term was coined by a misogynistic transsexual hating dirty old man in a dress named ….  Well he had so many freaking names I don’t know where to start so I’ll settle on the last two Charles Prince aka Virginia Prince.

Out of my own decency I will use she and Virginia just as I would with any other drag queen or heterosexual transvestite.

Back before she went full time or transgender she penned one of the vilest most misogynistic pieces of literature I’ve read.

The feminist community didn’t get drag queens but they have historic location within the L/G world that also embraced lesbian butch/femme roles.

Prince wrote a short book called A Transvestite and His Wife a rather strange maual teaching transvestite how to keep their wive under their thumbs.  She outline all the lies and the con jobs to use as strategies.

She was one of the founders of Tri-Ess, a homophobic organization for heterosexual cross dressers only.  It was filled with men claimed pure hetrosexuality and an abhorence toward those transsexuals who had their dicks cut off so they could become transvestites with inverted penises.  (Their language not mine).

Prince had an absolute hatred for post-SRS women who came out as lesbians.  At best considering us transvestites who went too far.

Prince had a fondness for coining terms because transvestite suggested..  I don’t know what since the terms she came up with like femmophile, cross dresser and transgender failed to add anything to the discourse.

But it is particularly that last term “transgender”.  I had little problem with its initial usage as it did describe a demographic consisting of people who lived full time as women, taking hormones, having breast implants, facial surgery and electrolysis who looked similar to transsexuals but with an essential difference of likng  penises and not really wanting sex reassignment surgery.

Okay transgender has greater dignity than drag queen and creates a term somewhere inbetween transvestite and transsexual, which is fine if you believe there is a continuum and not several similar appearing categories that in reality bear only superficial points of commonality.

All well and good until the 1990s when I suddenly found my life and dignity co-opted by a bunch of penis people who claimed I was just like them.  Now being a strong willed woman with a radical past and a potty mouth I answered that colonization with a hearty, “Fuck this shit!”

I am not transgender, hell I’m so far past transsexual that it is a purely historical artifact residing in medical records.

I like the idea of WBT or Women Born Transsexual or women with a transsexual history but I’m not a member of a community that includes people who live full time as members of a sex not co-ordinated with their current genitals.

I give a hearty fuck you to anyone who tries to colonize me with retroactively extending the definition backwards to sex assigned at birth.

That is a gross violation of my autonomy and right to self define.  It fascist and as oppressive as anything handed out by the right wing or Cristofascists.

Time to say “Fuck Off” to the Researchers

Way back when I had my sex reassignment surgery I wasnt as common as dirt.  Being a woman born transsexual, especialy a post-SRS WBT was good for a dinner and perhaps a speaking honorarium. By the 1980s there were so many of us guys started recognizing the peculuar graft scar Dr. Laub gave a bunch of us on the west coast and it was as though there were hundreds of us in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area alone.

But I worked with the National Transsexual Counseling Unit and I was dedicated to helping the doctors with their reaserch.  I answered questionaires for years on end.  Until the religious right wingers started slipping in studies that were aimed at pathologizing us into being transgender etc.

More and more I found the “research” was more aimed at gathering material to support a pre-odained conclusion than it was at actual research.  Questionaires that demanded we pick a choice from a limited set of answers when the real answer was “none of the above”.

So I started answering them in an appropriately surrealistic manner.  Now Arlene, who claims to be a friend of the transgender community although she ghettoizes WBTs in the same category as transvestite, albeit full time cross dressers  has announced a forum.  One that no doubt costs money to attend there by furthering the exploitation.

I’ve included part of Lev’s announcement along with a reply from Andrea

Transgender Research Forum

By Arlene Istar Lev

What do we know about the lives of Transgender Women? Is the only information what you’ve see on reality TV and bare-all talk shows?  There have been a few small-scale studies over the years, but precious little has been known about how transwomen actually live their lives and what their need and priorities are.

For the past few years, hundreds of transwomen from all walks of life have been interviewed about their experiences at school, at work, and in relationships with family and friends, and sexual activities and practices since the age of 10. How have their experiences changed over time, and what is the impact of these experiences on mental and physical health?

The Transgender Project has been funded by a five-year grant from the  National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded to the National Development and Research Institutes (NDRI) in New York City. The Transgender Project is designed to describe the economic, social and personal, family and workplace experiences of male to female trans-persons, and has compiled data on issues of HIV, depression, and gender identification and disclosure.
From Andrea

This is an insult to the existence of any woman born transsexual, let alone the American taxpayer.

The fact that the NIH has funded this voyeuristic nonsense, is nuts by any standard.

This is not research, it is voyeurism.

The United States has lost its lead in several areas of science such as stem cell research, energy efficiency, nuclear fusion and material science. This announcement tells anyone outside the United States of America, exactly why.

It is clearly obvious that the National Institutes of Health, over the last 20 years has been steadily infiltrated by anti-science voyeurists. They approve funding for this type of nonsense and fetishists, who have a need to impose there fetishes on others, by funding instruments of racism and Nazi ideology such as the Chicago North Western and Toronto CAMH.

Women born transsexual and men born transsexual do need some National Institutes of Health funded research into better surgery outcomes in all areas of transsexual surgery, such as facial feminisation surgery, voice surgery, vaginaplasty, vaginectomy and phalloplasty, as well as short/long term hormone care.

Transsexual people do not need a bunch of voyeuristic perverts to be funded to get there rocks of at the expense of transsexual people.

As for how transsexual people life there lives, here is some hard facts.

When transsexual people get away from the ghetto imposed by the mindset of those who came up with this nonsense, they live there lives like everyone else.

They pay there bills, get mortgages, struggle with the bills, try to get pension plans sorted out, shop for food, etc. Some of you may recognize that as the exact same things as the rest of the human population.

In the Ghetto, where they have less rights, somethings are at the permission of those running the ghetto. This takes personal control and personal responsibility away from those in the ghetto.

Imposed Ghetto’s, create bizarre behavior. Creating a Ghetto, screwing up a section of the population and then stating that is naturally how they behave, is what Himmler did in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1940/41.

Hopefully soon, the new president will realize there is racists / xenophobes and Nazi’s in the USA who need federal government funding cut of, permanently.


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