Kim Petras

“German pop star Kim Petras has revealed that she underwent sex reassignment surgery late last year at the age of 16, becoming what some are calling the world’s youngest transsexual.”

Semantics…  Since we are born transsexual rather than becoming transsexual upon receiving sex reassignment surgery the labeling of her as the world’s youngest is a tad inaccurate.

Other transkids with hip sensitive parents have had their SRS at an early age as well.  Indeed it would probably be ideal were all of us to have such enlightened parents.


I have already heard the hissing coming from the self appointed transgender leaders down playing her public announcement of having completed her sex reassignment surgery.  The slagging off on her because she is more a typical teenage girl than a transgender spokesperson.

Some people seem upset because she is more sweet sixteen and into being a pop star and not deconstructing gender.  Never mind that female pop stars are out there doing something that is quite feminist even if it doesn’t wear the language of feminism and that is charting their own life course.

Being born with transsexualism and then doing something as public as being a performer is a hard path.  There have been some like Amanda Lear who have taken this path with some success.

I wish Kim all the best.

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