Some Terms I can Live Without

I came on line in 1996.  In those days the place to be was the Usenet aka News Groups.  There were groups such as “” and “”.

They were noisy and often times nasty places to discuss issues.  It was there I started to realize that much of the transgender theory was pretty much misogynistic towards all sorts of women including WBTs.  Women didn’t have the right to define who was a woman.  Not when that definition fell into the common sense area of saying something to the effect of “Women are adult people with vaginas.  They come in all shapes and sizes but they have vaginas. Some have interests defined as feminine along with accompanying modes of dress etc and some are butch with interests often defined as masculine etc.”

I got in trouble for arguing the women are adult female people because the transgender people started using language I had previously heard only from Janice Raymond and ultra right wing Taliban Christians.

I thought, “so much for the idea of getting together and singing the old Sister Sledge anthem of “We are Family, All my sisters and me”

One of the nastiest people I encountered on the Uselessnet was some one called Laura Blake aka Laura Masters who was very proud of having backed out of getting SRS as the gurney reached the Operating Room.

Laura Blake was the first person I ever heard use the terms “cis-sexual” and “cis-gender”.  Now perhaps she took those terms from Judy Butler who raised the unreadable jargon laden post modernist/deconstructionalist academic writing style to a high art.  I wouldn’t know as found Butler’s writing too stupidly painful to finish.

But cis-sexual and cis-gender are manufactured words for non-transsexual and non-transgender.  They are words you will not find on this blog except in quotes.

Another term I really hate is “gender variant” as that implies that there is such a thing as gender that isn’t infinitely variable from culture to culture and era to era. Gender is about masculinity and femininity and I find too much obsessing about it to be far more conservative in ideology than feminist or liberationist.

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