UK trans media storm: Observer withdraws Burchill article and Moore apologizes

From Gay Star News:

‘We got it wrong’ says Observer editor and Suzanne Moore apologizes, no apology from Julie Burchill

By Anna Leach
15 January 2013

The editor of UK’s Observer newspaper has withdrawn an article riddled with trans slurs, apologized and said ‘we got it wrong’.

‘On this occasion we got it wrong and in light of the hurt and offense caused I apologize and have make the decision to withdraw the piece,’ said John Mulholland in a statement released yesterday.

Mulholland made the statement following calls from former equalities minister Lynne Featherstone for him and Julie Burchill, the journalist who wrote the offending article, to be sacked.

Chair of Trans Media Watch Jennie Kermode described Burchill’s article as ‘hate speech’ that has ‘no place in a national newspaper’.

Burchill wrote the piece in ‘defense’ of her friend fellow columnist Suzanne Moore who was the subject of criticism from the trans community for a reference to ‘Brazilian transexual’.

Moore herself returned to Twitter yesterday to apologize ‘to those I misrepresented’.

‘I did not set out to offend and the murder of all women trans or not is clearly something I DO care about,’ Moore said, adding that there had been ‘much bridge building’ between her and ‘several trans people who I deeply respect’ and she is meeting with more trans people.

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